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Anyone use these custom ui mods?

DzoneDzone Member UncommonPosts: 371

I tried downloaded off the sight these 2 mods


1. Core UI 3

2. Drox UI 2.5


Those are the 2 most downloaded on that sight. I really wanna use the 1st one. I found out about it watching a player made video on youtube the other day, he was using that mod.


The problem is when I downloaded both those mods, it says on windows 7, that they contain a virus and they were deleted. Does anyone use those mods?


Which ones should I look into then, if they are infact defected?


  • tank017tank017 Member Posts: 2,192

    I didnt even realize there were UI mods for VG..


    Ive always used the default myself.

  • DirkinDirkin Member Posts: 78

    If it was my video you were watching, I actually use a combination of Core and Drox UIs, mixed and matched.


    The problem with the Core and Drox versions you listed are is that they are very old and will no longer work, as they aren't being kept up. The UI I use isn't really being maintained either, I go in and update the relevant xml files manually when I have to.


    The most up to date UIs I know of would be Sinisna's, Starcrusher's, and Rufin's updated Core UI, all of which are a decent bit different than mine, but I'm sure work quite well. At the very least, make sure you grab Soresha's InfoMap Advanced to get the upgraded game maps. It's bundled in with pretty much all the custom UIs already, but it can be gotten standalone as well for the default UI.


    The default UI in VG is a bit lacking imo, I'm not sure if I could play it without my custom UI anymore.

  • DzoneDzone Member UncommonPosts: 371
    Well I tried all the 3 that you mentioned, but they all did the same thing, upon download it detects a virus and got deleted. I'm gussing with Windows 7 you can't install custom ui's for vanguard :(
  • DirkinDirkin Member Posts: 78

    Windows 7 itself isn't the problem, although there is definitely something wrong with yours, or your virus scan, etc. I run Windows 7 and have 0 issues.

    It's definitely not a Vanguard problem. I would maybe check your security settings and such, because those ui downloads are definitely not viruses.

  • Kimberann13Kimberann13 Member Posts: 1

    I can tell you without a doubt that custom UI's work just fine with Vanguard on Win 7!!

    Not only do I use one and must of my guild uses them, I am married IRL to Rufin of Rufin's Core UI.  He normally updates it the day any UI changes are made and has even put in some custom things for other people.

    You do however have to make sure that you are downloading not just the "latest version" of a UI, you have to make sure that that UI is updated regularly.  The best place to find those is vginterface DOT com

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