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GW2 is just a big fail *for me*



  • SereliskSerelisk Member Posts: 836
    Originally posted by GeezerGamer
    Originally posted by Serelisk
    Originally posted by GeezerGamer
    Originally posted by Sephrinx
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    The ones that get me, are the ones where the poster blatantly re writes what you say changing your words to say something you didn't say so that it fits into an already pre-made argument against you.

    Since you're both making passive aggressive comments against other users without saying who they are, I have to assume Sephrinx and by extension, you, are referring to me. But I don't enjoy being called an asshole for pointing out some very simply inconsistencies in logic.

    Not only did Sephrinx not like the individual skill system, but also the group dynamic. That's essentially the entire combat system. They also didn't like the primary reward system and the content with which you obtain those rewards. These are the largest selling points of the game, so I'm at a loss of how pointing out that you don't like these things means you are never going to like GW2 somehow makes me an asshole.


    I will not speak for Sephrinx. I did not call you an asshole. I did not imply you are an asshole, nor will i ever. But saying something like "you are never going to like GW2 somehow makes me an asshole" is just wrong on both points. At the same time you are making a lot of assumptions about me. You may assume whatever you like. But it really gets on my nerves when I make what appears to be a legitimate gripe against the game and therefore branded as a hater.

    I assure you, I like the game, I wouldn't have this many completed characters. And they are all fully geared with multiple builds, so I just didn't ding 80 and drop them.

    I think I've earned the right to express where it needs improvement. and that people who white knight every critique, are the ones who are not helping it improve.

    In this particular instance, I tried to make it a point to say that I was talking about Sephrinx by repeating their name in my post. Cause according to them, I'm now an asshole & a troll for telling them that the game is not the right one for them.

    Only a page back, they said they wanted to raid, they don't want non-combat rewards (safely assuming this means cosmetic gear/achievements), they think the fact that GW2 not having a trinity-less system is an "abomination", and they hate that you have a limited skill bar instead of tons of skills and macros. All opinions that I'm completely fine with.

    The issue is that, in the same post, they said they 'wanted to like GW2'... which makes zero sense considering all of the major  things they want out of an MMO, GW2 expressly made it a point not to have. These major selling points of the games were known at least 2 years before the game released. GW2 was never meant to appeal to them. That is what that post was about and is why I said they will never like the game. What they want is not an illegitimate opinion to have, but it's an illegitimate complaint to raise against the GW2. It's like complaining that McDonalds doesn't serve a whopper.

    Apologies for lumping you with Sephrinx. I don't normally respond this much to personal insults, but I felt like I owed you that clarification.


  • darkhalf357xdarkhalf357x Member UncommonPosts: 1,229
    Originally posted by Elikal

    Emphasis on *for me*. I have no clue how active people are in general. Tho I'd like to know.

    Really, it was just a short lived experienced, strangely even MUCH shorter than ANY other big MMO of the last years. Heck, I played SWTOR 4-5 months before I really had enough. Here, after 6 weeks I really began to feel tired and bored. I mean, don't get me wrong, visually and by design this is probably THE most beautiful game world, at least in fantasy. But so much other stuff just didn't work for me. I can just sum up some impressions.


    - COMBAT SYSTEM: While I enjoyed the fresh and different feeling at first a lot, the longer I played the more bored I felt. In some way, most classes played way too similar. For instance, a WOW Druid or Mage REALLY play different. Not to speak of their various specializations. In GW2 a Warrior and Vanguard doesn't feel different, and even a Thief and a Ranger feel just a bit different. Not really overmuch. The few skills you have really limit the variaty, and I miss my 3-4 full skillbars and the many options how to fight. Any char loses health WAAAY too fast, so it forces you to lolcopter and evade, which over time just began to get on my nerves and making me feel weak.


    - LACK OF TRINITY: Yeah I am an outspoken fan of the Trinity, because I love the REAL cooperation of teams it allows. Any other jack-of-all-trade system like GW2 never ever worked creating good teamplay. There isn't much in terms of social gameplay experience either. *shrug*


    - EVENTS: At first this event system really looked pleasing and fun. But again, over time I began to feel dull and nauseated. I really stopped caring for the story, and just realized I was simply grinding that damn bar that filled as I did whatever the "event" told me to. I never thought I say that, but I actually miss real quests. Somehow I can't help but think a real quest can bring more diversity that these "fill bar X while doing Y" event stuff. Events would have been good additionally, like the Rifts. But as the sole system I found them too weak. And the events don't create any social experience either. Unlike in Rift people are not grouped and thus not inclined to do stuff together still. Everyone just silently works "together" a while and then runs off.


    - BORING ENDGAME: As ever so often, GW2 didn't make much better endgame. I like the open world WvW a lot, but how long can you conquer the same castle over and over until it gets old? The last 20 level zones are tough, some impossible to solo, and I felt like I was way too easy overpowered by mobs. So endgame felt more like a chore to me. I wasn't even able to finish my stories, because in the last level the story instances are too tough for me, and nobody ever joined me to help. :/


    *shrug* If you enjoy the game, thats really fine. But I am really let down. MORE than by SWTOR to be honest. I am not that angry because I was a huge Star Wars fan, and I never cared that much about GW2. I really wanted to like it, and at first I was totally thriled. But the longer I played the more I got bored, and I really never got bored THAT fast than with GW2. Just my two cents.

    I can relate.  I feel its because GW2 isn't a *traditional* MMORPG which was built on longevity.  GW2 is an MMO pretty much catered to a casual crowd (and hardcore people can have a casual streak) to drop-in and out of the game as they see fit.  When you look at it as a temporary game that you slowly make your way through it takes on different value *for me* ;-)

    I love the world. ANet did an awesome job creating an environment that is lush, pretty and screams to be explored.  Where they failed for me was putting enough content into that world to make it worth exploring.  Getting XP for finding an area isn't enough for me.  But to be fair the game is essentially brand new.  ANet has announced a bunch of changes by the end of the year that made me raise an eyebrow.  i.e. - GW2 *CAN* be fixed.  Give it time...

    Combat is ultra-personal and many times is the divisive factor between if you like or hate a game.  Its a question of what type of combat system do you enjoy.  GW2 reminds me most of Zelda.  Zelda has RPG aspects, your character got stronger in the sense you gathered more items.  But the combat never went beyond the simple action attack.  But it was still fun because there was stuff to do and you had a mission.  GW2 is similiar in my mind.  The combat isn't deep since its action based (and no need to debate this - we just have to agree to disagree).  Now its potential saving grace is its skills.  Where I saw GW2 fail was they limited and restricted the skills.  Once you stopped gaining skills those who like progression had no real reason to continue the adventure.  Again, something they are looking to fix.

    Trinity doesnt give you teamplay. Good players do. But thats just me.  I've had horrible pugs in WoW that was no different than GW2.

    I actually loved the concept of events.  The idea that something has the ability to 'surprise' me while I explore.  What I think happened here is they simply didnt have enough events to start.  Everyone rushed through them like they always do then got bored with them.  Easily fixed with more, sophisticated events.  If you play WoW in Pandaria you'll notice it is trying to be more dynamic because its simply more fun.

    You cant complain about endgame because GW2 has been beating you over the head that they dont have nor believe in endgame.  Its really interesting that no matter how many times the publishers tell you that some people listen.  They actually said Orr needed work and again something they are looking into.  Second Endgame is so hard to talk about because I guarentee you every game has a different vision for what it should be.

    Overall while I agree with you that GW2 is boring and I don't play it as often, I have not remvoed it from my HDD and I believe I will play it more as ANet starts to implement they changes they have recently blogged about.

    The game is less than a year old.  Let it mature a bit then see if its still boring.

  • InFlamestwoInFlamestwo Member Posts: 662
    GW2 combat was more fun for me when i had played it for a few weeks/months. When it first came out i wasn't used to the constant movement, weapon swapping, fast paced combat and attunements(elementalist) etc. It was really fun to learn it all and now it's standard for me and it's really fun. With more skills and traits added soon it will be even better, we might even get new weapon types or weapons for each class, new elite skills etc. Looking forward to it.


  • MukeMuke Member RarePosts: 2,614
    Originally posted by Adalwulff

    Seriously, nobody cares and people will still buy the game if it has the features they want, nothing you say will change that.

    No, the world revolves around them and EVERYONE wants to hear their opinion.

    "going into arguments with idiots is a lost cause, it requires you to stoop down to their level and you can't win"

  • SereliskSerelisk Member Posts: 836
    Originally posted by darkhalf357x

    I love the world. ANet did an awesome job creating an environment that is lush, pretty and screams to be explored.  Where they failed for me was putting enough content into that world to make it worth exploring.  Getting XP for finding an area isn't enough for me.  But to be fair the game is essentially brand new.  ANet has announced a bunch of changes by the end of the year that made me raise an eyebrow.  i.e. - GW2 *CAN* be fixed.  Give it time...

    This is actually one of the things they've seen surprising success in, tbh (getting more people into the open world as opposed to instances + high level zones). At least from my own personal experience, it's the only game that really populates any zone that isn't either max level or a capital city. With the way they do achievements with the temporary content, and all the new structures pushing more people into the open world, it's sort of thrilling seeing people in at least some of the zones. And in significant volumes, too.

    Of course, there still remains zones that're almost completely barren, but I haven't seen any game with modest success at this so it's amazing to me that they've done this well.

    All this aside, I can definitely see what you mean. In addition to the caged in qualities of the game, even though there is some awesome stuff most people don't get to see, it does feel like you're in a playpen as opposed to an open world with natural barriers. So it artificially devalues the exploration bit for me.

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