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Worst service for me so far

ZadawnZadawn Member UncommonPosts: 670

I finally find a game that appeals to me somehow and i can't subscribe to it.


I tried it twice already and it simply won't let me.The first time  nothing happened after i purchased my sub and i have no idea if they charged me and the second time i tried  it said that my payment has not been accepted and i have to wait another 24 hours before i try again.


Not only this,but  i also don't get any support from ankama what so ever.It took roughly 24 hours for someone to answer to my questions on the forums just to point me to some support site of theirs where i wrote a ticket which is still unanswered after a whole day.

It seems that even if you want to play their game they won't let you.I am disappointed.


  • Salio69Salio69 Member CommonPosts: 428
    same thing happened to me. my wife managed to subcribe but when i went to do so, i got the same message you did. been a few days now with no response to my ticket. i can understand why no one plays this game.
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