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AO is good game for Casual Gaming.

chaosxloverchaosxlover Member Posts: 2

I've been playing AO for ... a very long time now.  Its an awesome game that provides a Bot (AFK) system, leveling is really easy besides lv 98-100, and 119-120.  if your looking to be top player, be ready to spend major IRL money.  Im a wraith/earth/bow/avatar/assult/vestment build mage, :) lv 178, can bot all day with no need to repot or use money for repairs, and ive never spent money in the game.  For casual talks with friends and guild, this game is great for casual gamers because of the stuff you can do (Boss hunt/Dungeons/PvP etc), and time saved leveling with bot (AFK) system. 


IF YOUR HARD CORE GAMER, be ready to spend lots of cash, or look somewhere else.



  • TonbelTonbel Member Posts: 4
    So far, I've found Angels online to be a fascinating and unique game with colorful graphics, an easy-to use interface, and perky background music. The job system has a depth to it that is not normally seen in a free-to-play game, and the character customization has refreshing variety and is open to changes. It is well worth the time to download and try it out. I'm a bit disappointed to have graduated from the training classes and I do not yet have a halo or wings, but time will tell if I prove myself enough to earn them. I am excited to see what other surprises this game will hold for me as I delve further into it over the next few weeks.
  • chaosxloverchaosxlover Member Posts: 2
    word of advice, quests (besides main quest, daily quest, and weekly quests) ALL SIDE-QUESTS are useless, and are waste of time :).
  • AmerithiaAmerithia Member Posts: 2
    Free to play, pay to win. Don't  expect any customer service.
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