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Longtooth Bronze Quest Completed

I actually completed the Longtooth Bronze quest quite a while back in early October 2012. This creature is the most prominant in the whole of calypso. So many people each year take part to kill this creature and perphaps get that jackpot loot that is the coveted "All Time High".


Most like hunting this beast for a challenge. Stats for this creature or mob as its commonly known ingame, can be seen here. It's a huge challenge due to the high health & fairly decent damage, but most average/mid level players can take it on solo. Others cannot due to the lack of proper skills, gear or the funds.


I'll explain and break the story down for you in more detail for those not in the know & if you have questions fire away. I basically wanted to complete the new quest chain, the BRONZE stage because MindArk decided to spawn them again so might as well take advantage of this "grace" period & finish it now instead of the following year. Now ingame there are missions called quests or "IC's" Iron Challenges, beyond Iron there is atm just bronze.

Starting I had about 505ped on my card starting out & I was like "right, how are we gonna do this with that kind of ped balance?" I told myself. But anyways I got on with it, hunt after hunt was all turning into positives. Slowly, I had more than my pedcard after a few hunts, I had 1180PED & kept on cycling through Longtooths. Iirc correctly I cycled that ped till it reached the 7.6k mark. Cause I remember I had killed about 430 Longtooths & to kill that many you had to of cycled at least that amount. Now I didn't have $760 on hand to play. I cycled the $50 (500ped) I had multiple times over and over to reach 7.6k. So I use my funds in buying ammo & shooting to get loot, sell the loot for a higher value, repair my gear & go at it again.

Now it gets interesting cause by this point I had the worst 3-4 runs back to back & the TT profit was gone & was beginning to cutting into my original budget which lead me no choice but to now deposit. I deposited $500 + whatever I had left, so 316ped remaining, which means a -189ped from my starting balance. I then wanted to change strategy, my current setup that worked before was just not working out anymore & I didn't know why.

Now, since I own an UL weapon @ Tier 5, which is the weapon I was using through out the quest. I decided to purchase Damage Enhancers for each Tier. Now a Tier is a slot that can be opened up to adjust an items stats in this case more damage with damage enhancers. The purchasing price came to 400ped  After all was bought & repairs, remaining balance was 5015ped. This purchase was going to be written off as I had just enough spare ped to make the purchase & knew each break was pure loss. Bought 20 enhancers for each slot = 100 enhs.

Offence: Isis LR48 UL + Dmg Enhs Tier 1-5, Attachments: Omegaton A106 + Jzar + 2x Hunnir, Defence: Jarhead + 5B / 6B plates, Faps: S.I. Heart Fap Tier 1 Eco & Herb Box Tier 2 Heal.

30 Evader, 150 Health, 60 Dmg Per Sec, 2500 Ammo Burn, 100 Damage Enhs, 2.812 Dmg Per Pec, 17.78 Avg cost to kill, 66 LT's killed on avg per run.


To complete the quest solo would of cost around 17780ped for offence decay. Most runs my decay on armour & faps would be about 20ped or under, so an additional 320ped is added = 18100ped, so to kill this creature on Planet Calypso would cost depending on other factors 18100PED or in dollars $1810. Anyways I didnt cycle that much ped cause I had help from time to time whenever I could get it. So I'd say I cycled around 17.5k solo the rest were friends helping out & adding additional dps through team hunts etc. But that's my setup & all the stats.


I used 5B armour plating if I had no healer, for the extra protection but both plates were used equally if not 6B plating edging ahead. I liked using more 6B+SI as my avg damage absorbed per pec was 14.95 which I thought was excellent for defence eco. Even though my weapon was ridiculously un-eco. What this means is my weapons DPP damage per pec was fairly low vs other weapon configurations. A 2.8 rating is lower vs a 2.9 or even 3.0+. My rating wasn't efficient.


Finally the Returns. The game always takes a 10% cut from all your activities from your base value. However this isn't always the case & higher variables can be obtained as you will see from this log. Now solely on TT (base value) I gained a return of 99.021%. That was 5359PED Loot recieved / 5412PED on Card = 49ped loss in TT. So my original balance was 5412 - 5359 loot recieved back = a 49PED short fall. Now with MarkUp (above base value) I gained a return of 112.10%. That was 6067 MU / 5412 Card = 655ped gained over my starting balance.


The damage enhancers left at the end was 54 out of 100, but yes the remaining are counted in the MU gained as well. Including the reward for quest completion: Combat Reflex TT35.76 x 9.5 = 340PED + Exo Gun TT1PED sold for 7100% = 71PED, so all included = 655PED Profit or $65.50 for around 50 hours of game time. I think that is an excellent result.


Noticeable loots during quest included; 26 globals (50PED+ value), of which 3 were Hofs (Hall Of Fame). 1 Uber (1k+) in team + globals in team not counted into my solo log.


  • skunrooskunroo Member Posts: 27

    Good to see you made a small profit :)

    The big one's are just a bonus!

  • narfinarfi Member UncommonPosts: 178

    How is it going this migration for you?

    Killing more Longtooth? or you doing Eomon this year?

  • DamonVileDamonVile Member UncommonPosts: 4,818
    I've never played the game but when you say you spent $500 and $1800 are you spending that in real money or is there something I'm missing ? And I take it the thing dropped loot that gives you credit back onto your card so you made a profit once it was all said and done ?
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