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Hello, im writing this message b/c im interested in rejoining shadowbane in the near future, but i have a few concerns about it's current state.  I quit playing SB at the end of the summer of 2003, which was about 6-9 months after release. My characters name was Thorgon Bael'zharon; I dont remember what server i played on and i can only vaguely remember some of the people I played with, (Darrian, Arg, Dracula something..).. I quit around the downfall of my guild. At the time i was the leader of a 500+ member team called ToW - Tyrants of War.  I quit b/c the game had alot of glitches; warfare was won by which ever clan could keep enough people playing before being booted (I hope its not like this still), and on top of that, my PC was barely making the requirements to run the program. 

On the other hand, this game was the most enjoyable mmorpg that I have ever played.  The high that I got from the vividly real pvp, and the ability build/end guilds is unparalleled by any mmorpg on the market IME.

Now, I'm making a fresh start and have a new PC and better time/budget to work with.  What im wondering is how will this game look 1-2 years from now, will people still be playing? Does UBI have any plans to upgrade the game, or make a sequal that will attract a new player-base?

No matter what, I cant wait to play again.  I'm about finished with my clinical rotation out here in Denver, CO, and have high hopes for SB's future...   Whoever reads this, post whatever comments you wish, I'm interested in hearing player based feedback.


  • ParepinParepin Member UncommonPosts: 257

    What im wondering is how will this game look 1-2 years from now, will people still be playing?

    It will still be here.

    Does UBI have any plans to upgrade the game, or make a sequal that will attract a new player-base?

    Development just got an update! They are also hiring people for wolfpack... that know the Unreal engine.. They have been, and will be, adding more content and other goodies to SB.

    There are still some bugs, mainly graphical glitches that cant be fixed (terrain stuff.. aka getting into something, weither on purpose, or accidently..), sb.exe errors are almost non existant, I know I havent had any crash's in a long, long time. Some people say you can still dupe items/gold, tho I have yet to see it have an impact to the game as of late. Yes, when SB released, and you could have 2345352353452 rank 7 guards, it did impact, but now there are limits on just about everything.

    Walls are invunerable, you can only have so many barracks max, bane scrolls now come in ranks, and instead of a rank 7 ToL, you can now claim a realm and have a rank 8 ToL. Mines were added to the game to fight over, and the resources they produce can be used to create whatever you want, by your choce, and you can still random roll items as well. TONS of changes since then..

  • AwakenedAwakened Member UncommonPosts: 595

    That link catches you up on everything that's changed since you last played, not sure if it includes the new PvP XP or Battle alliance systems tho, or the fury/confessor love and December bug fixes.

    Overall it's still a good game I think.  I've played other games that have come out and beta tested others, but I always go back to Shadowbane, cause the bottom line is this: It's fun.  It's not eye-candy, it's not revolutionary anymore in it's design, the performance is pretty good now, but still no new cutting edge technology or anything - it's just fun.

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