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Dakija #3 alpha testing needs your help


I‘d like to ask for some help. I‘m working on indie browser tactical RPG with turn based combat and I need people‘s oppinions and some feedback.

My plan is to make a really deep hero development system and battle system near perfections. But I cant do that alone, so I need your help on testing, balancing things out.

Features enabled for alpha #3 testing:

  • Town & Merchants
  • Scholar
  •  Leveling up
  •  Arena
  •  Dueling
  •  Upgrading

Features currently disabled:

  •  Travelling
  •  Quests
  •  Dungeons
  •  Fighting Monsters
  •  Upgrading experience
  •  Multi-classing

Also, because test needs online players to test, I suggest you to come online at evening. 19.00 or so : )

Here is some pictures:

Thank you : )


  • fshockfshock Member Posts: 9

    Hi again,

    Alpha #3 test is heading to the end. It will end at 2013-07-13 00:00:00.

    Maximum level is enabled from now on – get it via Scholar on the left.

    Hope to see you at the evening for some nice fights : )


    p.s. Also, leave your thoughts on how to improve on Forum or via Feedback button on the right in game.

    Thank you!

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