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Is there anyway to be able tp play this game in BETA?

Is there anyway an average joe like me can play this game and be like a tester?
that way i can help develope fix all the problems and plus when the game is released to the public i will have a huge adavntage over most people::::02::


  • AshkentAshkent Member Posts: 772

    IF they have a beta, sign up for it.

    otherwise, no

  • CaniguaCanigua Member Posts: 233
    Sign up in the offical AoC site,and your chances will rise 300%;P
  • SerpentarSerpentar Member Posts: 246

    Keep an eye on the official site and thier forums, Havent heard anything on a Beta test yet. Not that there is a whole lot of info about the game in the first place.

  • HiyesHiyes Member Posts: 17

    if u register to the forums and post regularly and the subscribe to the newsletter it'll increase your chances since you're interacting with the community frequently. rather than just some average joe signing up on the day they announce beta

  • SnowGhostSnowGhost Member Posts: 24
    Personally I would prefer to sign up when the game is released in 2006. This way you won't have all the annoying new people bugging you. And is better since you have more people the same level as you. (And thats when i get my new pc woohoo!)

    Check out

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