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CLD the back up plan

liumlium Member Posts: 138

DAVID SIMMONDS: The “Calypso” planet is, and since its first year has always been, a profitable entity and many of our users have been with us from the start. We decided to introduce the Land Lot Deeds and Citizenship program to actually give back something to the users and make them feel a real part of the virtual life they have chosen, and the ability to receive revenue from the activities on Planet Calypso. Check out our website for further information.


In fact the CLD are introduced to get 6 mill becose  the deal with SEE did not work out !!!


Land deeds

Lastly, there is the matter of the Calypso Land Deeds, where participants can buy a share of the Calypso revenue. This is essentially a relisting of Planet Calypso to a new party after the deal with SEE did not work out. The basic gist of the program is that 60,000 deeds of ownership of Planet Calypso are sold, at 1,000 PED (or 100 USD) a piece. Some quick calculation shows that 60,000 * $100 places the total amount at $6,000,000 which is the exact same amount that SEE was to pay earlier.


Next time when they want to do something for the community don't try to sell calypso to someone come to the community first not after the deal whith SEE fails.



  • TekdTekd Member UncommonPosts: 65
    While I wish they would have come to the community first, I am happy it worked out this way. Calypso Land Deeds were a good idea. Even if they never implement all of the proposed features.
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