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Hey, how's it going ?

rawfoxrawfox Member UncommonPosts: 788

Hi folx,


just wanted to know, how its going in PoE these days.

Since they changed the security on login's, i cant access the game anymore and was always too lazy to solve it.


Give me a reason why i should solve it, motivate me to play it or just tell me to uninstall, so how's it going these days ?


  • ChramChram Member Posts: 91

    "Solving" the security pass is trivial, you just copy the code sent to you by GGG and you are ready to go.

    The game is better than ever, GGG really tries to keep a good pace of improving things. A month ago two new semi permanent (4 month) leagues with unique rulesets started which means a fresh economy. Also a new race season is strarting and I personally am having a lot of fun doing the new type of race, the Descent, which is kinda a roguelike in concept (monsters get significantly tougher as you descent deeper, time is ticking out and you can't farm one area for too long).

  • StrangerousStrangerous Member Posts: 165

    I think the novelty of putting blizzard in their place due to D3 hate has passed.

    They've made some changes, but the game is still falls on its "first glance complex" skill system that turns out to be nominal choices, even less once you realize choosing survivability is best.

    Combat is still slow and clunky.  This was the biggest issue for me.  Its an ARPG...combat is the focus of the game, combat and farming loot.

    Was a nice attempt at an ARPG.  Unfortunately I don't think combat is ever going to be smooth, fluid, and entertaining.


    Sadly this game made me appreciate D3, a game I didn't like at first.  Either way, I only paid $20 for this game, about what its worth imo.  Not horrible for an ARPG...just there are better out there.

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