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anybody else having trouble with steam website!

zastenzasten Member Posts: 283

I was going to log in to add a game to my list of possible purchases, but it is not possible!

I find it is impossible to log in to the steam website (have not tried the client)!

On entering my user name and password, the only thing it does, is display a busy graphic on screen, it get no further!

I have tried Firefox and IE, both do the same thing.

I would ask them for help but you need to be logged in to request this. Typical large company no email address to contact them (I guess they can't afford an email filter for spam email), instead an overly complicated form to fill out!

Is anybody else having this problem or is my PC blocking it for some reason.


  • Kaijin2k3Kaijin2k3 Member Posts: 558

    This will not help you, but since you asked if anyone is having issues I will at least add that I just tried it and experienced none.

    Best of luck :3

  • zastenzasten Member Posts: 283


    Whatever the problem was, seems to be resolved, as I just tried again and managed to log in!

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