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Looking For Duoable MMO

VoidsourceVoidsource Member Posts: 2

Hey everyone.


A friend and I are looking for an MMORPG that we can play together, but we would also like to be able to do at least some endgame level content like dungeons on our own. It doesn't have to be raids but at least dungeon sized content or the equivalent. I've been looking for suggestions but I think most people only consider the leveling process which anyone can do really. Thanks for the help.


  • evilastroevilastro Member Posts: 4,270

    This has already been answered recently in another thread:


  • ScalplessScalpless Member UncommonPosts: 1,426
    Are you sure you want a MMORPG and not simply a co-op RPG? I think co-op games are typically more duo-friendly. For example, Guild Wars 1 can be completed entirely with just two players and is still a great game, if you don't mind it being a bit empty of other players. Action/RPGs like Diablo 3, Torchlight 2 and Path of Exile are also quite fun in co-op.
  • VoidsourceVoidsource Member Posts: 2

    Yeah the reason why I made my own thread was because I wanted to know if there was an MMORPG in which we could do some endgame with, I don't think that's been asked in here.

    Edit: Alright I looked back at your post that you linked and it does have some possibly suggestions, I'm not sure if it's what we're looking for but at least it's everything that's probably best. Thanks.

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