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Conan graphics

The scerr shots I've seen look pretty good but got me thinking. I hope they don't base the graphics on the movies or try to look like other fantisy games.

The whole Hyborian Age, Conan books, didn't really take off untill Frank Frazetta started doing the covers. He really gave Conan life.

If you have ever seen the movie/cartoon Fire and Ice (it wasn't a very good story) you can get an idea of what a game base on his work might look like.




  • HiyesHiyes Member Posts: 17

    if u read what the development team say they are sticking true to conans nature. a dark, brutal and mysterious world

  • LuridSoulLuridSoul Member Posts: 8

    oh, i have and it's looking good. the trailer is great but then trailers always look great image and i'm really hoping they stick with the dark mature theme.image

    i just happen to be a fan of Frazetta's work as well as Robert Howards and would like to see some of book covers come to lifeimage

  • shootyshooty Member Posts: 1

    Graphics look stunning! (I've been playing WoW, but AoC looks like a next generation game for me..)

  • TorokTorok Member Posts: 26

    hmm might have to look into this game

    World fo warcraft

    Legend of Mir 3

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  • KeaharKeahar Member Posts: 15

    Haven't heard that movie mention in about 20 years. I really hope this will resemble the world from Fire and Ice. That type of dark and dangerous world would be a wonderful background.

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