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I think I have tried them all still unhappy

dakotaaoc08dakotaaoc08 Member UncommonPosts: 77
In the past year I have played just about every online game available and still have not found one that can hold my attention longer than a month, I am looking forward to wildstar, and hex but until those two come out I cant find anything exciting, I tried neverwinter but not enough classes for me,  tried Defiance but got board with the progression style I did not feel like lvling accomplished anything, tried vanguard but the whole diplomacy thing seemed a bit lame for me, tried Marvel Heroes but again not enough variety, In the past I have enjoyed Vanilla Wow, AOC and Rift, I would probably go back to rift but I cant seem to get my account up and running because of an authenticator issue and I do not want to start from scratch in a game that I have spent a decent amount of time in, I have also tried GW2 and did not care much for it I would really like to find a fun game with class options subb,F2P,B2P I really don't care at this juncture just something I can play for a few months until Hex or Wildstar come out.


  • NymiraNymira Member UncommonPosts: 26

    Hey Dakota - I feel your pain :/ I've been pretty hooked on Dragon's Prophet right now though - not sure if it's your type but if not, definitely give it a try. Also since you want to try a new class, check out the Oracle that uses a scythe (I might be a bit biased being one ;)). I usually only play range dps (mainly mages) but this melee type character is fun.

    Dragon's Prophet also is different since your mounts aren't bought with cash or ingame money or anything - it's the dragon's in the world that you tame. Flying dragons, fast land dragons, water dragons, gliders, etc... The game is more interesting in a guild as you get to have these dragon flutes to summon dragons. 

    Also I find the leveling is a bit slower especially closer to the level cap 60 which helps draw it out a bit. They're actually implementing a new zone in a few weeks and bumping up the cap so it's a good time to get started :) Give me a shout if you ever have any questions about it or looking for a guild - Nymira in game on the Kronos server :)

  • NecroneusNecroneus Member UncommonPosts: 52
    I was a GW player. Then WoW player. Then I bought AION and played a long time. The same with GW2. Now I tried every MMORPG that came and I don't find one which makes my day :(.
  • strangiato2112strangiato2112 Member CommonPosts: 1,538

    tthree options for games with lots of classes:


    1.  EQ2-its also one of the best themeparks on the market, with the genre's best housing.  The racial selection might even be better than the class section


    2.  DAoC-the best class variety, but looks rather dated and seems to be pretty much just an RvRvR game now, not sure how many PvE still


    3.  EQ-lots of classes, extremely well developed ones.  Problem is its top heavy like crazy and even though you can zip 1-60 in nt time, getting to max level with necessary AAs will take awhile and there arent that many around in the 60-90 range youll be spending so much time in.

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