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What ARE you playing?



  • McPickleMcPickle Member Posts: 39

    LoL, L4d2, Borderlands 2

    Waiting for Ms. Mmo right.

  • Jadedangel1Jadedangel1 Member UncommonPosts: 187
    Right now I'm mainly playing Rift, and some Tera and Aion to tide me over until FFXIV and Archeage come out. TSW and GW2 are what I fall back to when I get bored of the others.
  • RelGnRelGn Member Posts: 494

    Marvel heroes online and having a good time.

    It's not a heavy game and you can have a lot of fun for 3-4 hours a day or so.

    Im anxious to see this game becoming something big because it will but it will take time.

  • SomeHumanSomeHuman Member UncommonPosts: 560
    I played UWO when it was in testing a long while back.  I don't think you could exit the boat at that time unless my memory fails.  I watched a few First Impression videos of people getting uber-frustrated with the tutorial, so I think I might give it a try as well.  Downloading now.  It might be just different enough to balance out the twitchy other games I'm playing.

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  • HrothaHrotha Member UncommonPosts: 821

    While I am waiting for my WildStar Closed- / Beta Invite, I just re-installed WoW for the ... 4th time.

    Again magically "rediscovered" the elemental shaman and I am blown away by the unmatched fluidity in gameplay and fun, compared to other games out there. Simply fantastic.



  • MontaronxMontaronx Member UncommonPosts: 273
    Dragons prophet. Once you get to 30 the game really opens up with options. Its a damn fun game


  • rakattrakatt Member UncommonPosts: 14
    I'm playing a  few games: SWTOR, Anarchy Online, Neverwinter and Fallen Earth.  Out of those games, I play FE the most.
  • LoverNoFighterLoverNoFighter Member Posts: 294

    SWTOR out of sheer boredom and to see how mediocre it really is.

    SWG pre cu when I wanna have fun.

    Waiting for The Repopulation.

  • DraGzielDraGziel Member UncommonPosts: 67
    Rift, TSW and some Dragon's Prophet.
  • mmobootsymmobootsy Member Posts: 48
    EVE Online and Vanguard Saga of Heroes

  • wireded21wireded21 Member UncommonPosts: 131

    Mostly Defiance (xbox 360) - my first console mmo and loving it


    and then some...


    World of Tanks

    SWTOR (F2P)

    Heroes and Generals

    Rising Storm (Not an MMO but playing a lot of it...)

    And a  little bit of Darkfall Unholy Wars

  • wireded21wireded21 Member UncommonPosts: 131
    Oh and PS2 now and again...
  • GroovyFlowerGroovyFlower Member Posts: 1,245


    Skyrim modded and legendary version.

    Van Helsing

    Grim Dawn

    At work im playing Titan Quest Imortal Thrones and roam the forums.

  • cylon8cylon8 Member UncommonPosts: 362

    rift...f2p gave the starting levels a nice population punch

    free realms....the heroes journal implementation for the most part has been great

    star's in beta but its a lot of's the kinda combat I wish eve had

    sto: even tho the beginning of the romulan player experience seemed stupid...fixing sprinkler sysems lol , I'm loving it....if they just gave the foundry the tools it needs i'd play a lot more.


    so say we all

  • sportsfansportsfan Member Posts: 431

    Diablo 3 hardcore.

    Waiting for patch 5.4 to return to WOW and their 50.000 people per virtual server mechanic.

  • AkulasAkulas Member RarePosts: 2,953

    Age of Wushu for 3 days. Took me a whole day to understand the point of the game. Someone kept trying to kill me and I kept killing them. Uninstalled because it's different to what I  was expecting but give it a shot I liked the theme and making stuff but something wasn't quite right and it wasn't doing it for me.


    Trying DOTA 2 out. Need a tolerant team because random is random and you don't know what you're going to get.

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  • ArakaziArakazi Member UncommonPosts: 911
    Playing the witcher series between bouts of EVE. Currently looking forward to Europa Universalis 4 (my favourite RSTS series) and ArchAge (with reservations). Recently tried Tera, was ok except the community.
  • VolkonVolkon Member UncommonPosts: 3,748
    Pretty much exclusively GW2. On occasion I may fire up Defiance.

    Oderint, dum metuant.

  • BetaguyBetaguy Member UncommonPosts: 2,623
    Marvel Heroes and The Last of Us atm...


  • CarnicideCarnicide Member UncommonPosts: 222
    Currently The Last of us and when I want to play a game with my brother we play Rift. Until FFXIV comes out I might just stick with Last of us...... Rifts a good game, but I just can't stand the RNG in their dungeons.
  • camnorajncamnorajn Member Posts: 2 try this game it's 100% free. your country needs you!

  • simmihisimmihi Member UncommonPosts: 709
    SWTOR, Rift, TSW, GW2 - all good, all "free".
  • AlthewiseguyAlthewiseguy Member Posts: 108
    Originally posted by AlmightyGod

    These forums are full of opinions on the new games and what is up-and-coming.  I'm wondering what games are you devoting your time to now.  so...

    What game/s are you playing recently?


    For me it is Firefall Beta, Dragon's Prophet, and some Path of Exile.

    Eve online, Diablo 3 mostly. The rest is a mix of stuff like Space station 13, borderlands 2, crusader kings 2. It varies. Mostly looking forward to Starbound and Antharion myself. 

  • NaqajNaqaj Member UncommonPosts: 1,673




    Keeping tabs on the XIV beta



    working through a backlog of various Humble Bundles, and seriously glad those games tend to be rather short.

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