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RF Online: Guild Beta Access

StraddenStradden Managing EditorMember CommonPosts: 6,696

RF Online is making some special dispensation for Guilds in the Beta. Today, the developers announced a plan that will see at least a few representatives from a guild make their way into the RF Beta together. Guild Leaders need to email ASAP if their group wishes to participate:

We have received a number of emails enquiring about special access for guilds within the RF Beta. What we have organised and am currently doing with the guild applications, is setting aside a number of places per guild so that you can at least get a few members in to play together.

But as this is a manual process, it does take a bit of time to organise. What I will need from Guild leaders is an email to rfonline @ codemasters.com (Put "Guild Beta Access" in the subject line) telling me what guild they are from, how many members it has, plus a link to your guild homepage. If you have submitted the details on your original application, send in your email address details too and we'll double check that your application has been approved.

There are a set number of extra places set aside for Guilds so be quick with your applications. This isn't a fast track opportunity, just an opportunity for key members to see whether RF Online is suitable for their members, which of course it is. /winks

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Jon Wood
Managing Editor


  • So is making a guild like submitting a name or do you have to have a website and people with it?

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