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Dust 514 is alive, and fun to play.

Lt.DeadendLt.Deadend Member Posts: 325

The first thing I would like to say is ,.. yes I know its a ps3 only game but, I went out an got a ps3 for this game anyway. The system hooked up to my monitor and blue tooth keyboard with no issues,. just one button to go back to pc, its lke hitting tab.


When im playing I forget I'm on a ps3, fact is, I kinda feel impressed by sony for this one. Its not easy to pull a pc gamer from there epic rig to play on a crap console, but it runs just fine.


The game itself is around a 7/10 so far by my standards. I love the eve like character progression and it feels like a MMO battle ground with depth in character builds. Its not just a gun game, people focus on LAV or HAV or dropships, not to mention the various soldier builds you can think up.

So what about the OP broken stuff all the QQ is about?

Well, all I can say is, its the same BS FOTM OP this nerf that cycle most games have to deal with,. its just growing pains. The bottom line is this game is a lot of fun and the player base is rising slowly just like eve did. Im not saying go buy a PS3, but if you did, I don't think you would be disapointed,. Im having a blast with the game.




  • crysentcrysent Member UncommonPosts: 841

    What cost are associated with dust?  Just curious.  I know the game itself is 'free' but I'm curious how much (if any) the average player needs to spend at the cash store to stay competitive...?



  • Lt.DeadendLt.Deadend Member Posts: 325
    Originally posted by crysent

    What cost are associated with dust?  Just curious.  I know the game itself is 'free' but I'm curious how much (if any) the average player needs to spend at the cash store to stay competitive...?



    I spent 100$ so far, but its not pay to win, its pay to have fun with more options.

    A 50$ pack for a person who likes the game will find it well spent. It is pay to get ahead in skills faster, but this game is more based on hand/eye fps skills, so if your a pimp at moving around an aiming, chances are the pay to get ahead boosters wont save people from you.

    There is some op FOTM builds at the moment,. but dont let that discourage you, only the good players use it well.



  • jazz.bejazz.be Member UncommonPosts: 941

    Crap console?

    I'm really not a console fan myself, I just can't stand playing games on a tv in the living room with a stupid controller in my hand.

    But aren't consoles much better for gaming. All the hardware, all the bandwith, all the wiring...for one purpose only: Gaming.

    That said, I hate consoles myself. But it doesn't sound to bad if you can make it feel like a computer. Can you aim with mouse?

  • OpapanaxOpapanax Member Posts: 973

    I tried DUST it just didn't do it for me. As much as I really like CCP's success with EVE and just the way they have carried the Sandbox for us MMO'ers..

    But the game was not what I was looking for when I checked it out way back. Granted it was Beta and it deserves another go at it, but to me they seemed to miss the mark just a little. If the game has improved which I'm sure it has maybe I'll give it another go, but I'm an original MAG player.

    And MAG was a pretty solid game and the first to try to increase the numbers in battles on consoles. Does DUST 514 boast the same type of numbers in matches. I'm talking 256 player matches and 164 player matches. If not then its a letdown still..

    MAG is older and although no nearly as many folks play it any longer I would've expected CCP to at least maintain that push towards having numbers past the basic 32 / 64 slot matches.

    P.S. If you find yourself not liking DUST please do check out MAG again. They could definately use the numbers I've recently been playing Valor of course. Cause SVER has more than enough players already..

    ROLL VALOR and or RAVEN..

    PM before you report at least or you could just block.

  • LaterisLateris Member UncommonPosts: 1,766
    This game brings me back to the old school days for FPS.  I really enjoy it. I can't believe that I really like this game on a freaking console but I do. My PS3 is no longer just the blue ray player. I really like the art, the maps, and the feel of these worlds. I absolutely love the star map. I need to do some theory crafting on the skill system and get used to using the controller. But the more I play the better it gets. I do have hopes that co op will make it into the game in the future.   That would make some astounding PvE content. They need to open the social areas in the future. The game has potential to grow in all sorts of development matter since its the UT III Engine. It is a really solid foundation the way it is built to have that classic niche Eve following where we see new systems added. With this game your just itching to see larger worldsareas. 
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