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The Companions Now Recruiting

Staffa1701Staffa1701 Member Posts: 2

We are a casual, light role playing, mature guild (+25 years or older) looking for skilled players, who want to be part of a community not just a guild. A place built upon mutual respect where people can come to learn, help others, complete goals, make new friends or just hang out. We are mainly a PvE guild but as we continue to grow we will be venturing into PvP and other opportunities that ArcheAge will offer.

Our goals is to succeed in all aspects of ArcheAge but Trade and Crafting will be of special focus of The Companions.

As well we offer a Mumble voice chat server, Calendar of Events, Formal Guild Structure, Chat and Private Forums to post variety of topics and experienced leadership.

We are mainly a North American English speaking guild, but will welcome players from anywhere though most events and activities will be in the (-5 to -8) Time Zones as most of our player base will be online during prime time weekdays and weekends.

We welcome you to come visit our site and apply if you think The Companions is a guild that you are looking for!

Staffa KarTherma
Founder of The Companions





  • Staffa1701Staffa1701 Member Posts: 2
    Now that beta sign up is live looking for new members!!!
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