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This looks interesting!

I am checking some games on steam and I saw that Granado Espada recently submitted on the site. I'ts interesting for me to see that the old game have consistent updates. 

You can check it on this link:

Granado is formerly known as Sword 2. Redbana Corporation release the game last January with their new updates.
What do you think adding the game on steam? I voted YES since it's one of the unique game i played.



  • Vynxe_VaingloryVynxe_Vainglory Member Posts: 20

    I don't know how it is now, but I played this game back when it was called "Sword of the New World" and it was pretty phenomenal compared to the other MMORPGs available at the time, if you could ignore the grind.

  • simmihisimmihi Member UncommonPosts: 706
    Bored of the "classics", I am willing to try anything different and 3 characters seem at least interesting for me to look into at least. Can someone confirm if this is click-to-move only? It's game breaking for me, and I could not figure it out by myself while watching demo / gameplay videos.
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