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Please Post All TSW Buddy Key Requests Here.



  • SevenwindSevenwind Member UncommonPosts: 2,188

    Key used...

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  • jackkilljackkill Member Posts: 2
    Originally posted by Sevenwind

    Another unused key. Will update when taken...



    key dead have you got another ?



  • evilZekeevilZeke Member UncommonPosts: 15

    You can try:




    *Both were activated*

  • ashleymorrowashleymorrow Member Posts: 176

    Some buddy keys:








    Let me know if they don't work, hope they help someone.

  • wcassadaywcassaday Member Posts: 7
    May I please have a Buddy Key?  [email protected]
  • eskelaeskela Member Posts: 39

    Here are 3 keys that were requested from me over 3 months ago and weren't used. Feel free:


    I will edit post when they are gone.


    edit: Have fun!

  • mrred82mrred82 Member UncommonPosts: 2
    I received a key about 2 weeks ago but it said the key is not valid. Can i get another one from someone please? [email protected] Thanks in advance.
  • mlaczekmlaczek Member Posts: 5
    Thank you for all the keys! Can I get a last one for my friend? [email protected] Thank you!
  • ashleymorrowashleymorrow Member Posts: 176
    OK, mailed one to your friend.
  • LadyAlerieLadyAlerie Member Posts: 1

    HI! :D

    I've looking to this game since it was announced... it looks so great, and I love Lovecraft Mythos a lot *__*

    Now that tests are over, I want to try it with my mate. We'll buy it if we like it, for sure.

    So, if anyone has 2 buddy keys, think about sending them here --> [email protected] or PM. Even if you just give us 1, I'll try to look for the other one elsewhere >_<



  • Vortex28Vortex28 Member Posts: 1

    I want it too. No free accounts now but i really need to try this game.

    Thanks anyway. Here or [email protected]

  • sonicbrewsonicbrew Member UncommonPosts: 515

    If anyone has a free buddy key I would greatly appreciate it. Perhaps the changes to the game will draw me back in since I was so undecided in beta.

    Thanks in advance

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  • BulletIVBulletIV Member Posts: 1



    I'm interested in the secret world.. ive seen some vids of gameplay and it looks really different and not typical fantasy MMO.... i like the setting and the bosses.... look amazing.


    email is [email protected]

  • AtmaDarkwolfAtmaDarkwolf Member UncommonPosts: 353

    I would love anotherr key if possible, someone gave me a key sometime ago, but I never even had the chance to download the game, and it says now my key has expired. (:()


    And also another thankyou to the guy (or girl) who gave me the first key.

  • evilZekeevilZeke Member UncommonPosts: 15
    Should probably have some more keys, so just PM me your e-mail if you need one.
  • pookirpookir Member UncommonPosts: 72
    NQSCKLLAXYQXR5536H6U i hope it works XD
  • UnaraUnara Member Posts: 2
    I still have some buddy codes left but it requires I send TSW the email. If you need a code, shoot me a pm here and I'll check the mail daily for a week (and/or post when the last available buddy code is gone).
  • UnaraUnara Member Posts: 2

    Moe and Duck, keys sent to your emails.  Please let me know if those don't work out. Also supplied my character names to friend if you have questions once logged in. Good luck!

    Brodie, you have a pm. Not sure if emails are internal only.




    Update: Code sent to all who requested so far.

    Update 2: Vortex, you have mail / code. Everyone else: I should still have codes - 72 hour trials. Please don't activate until you're ready to play. Great weekend to start. Get yours before Friday.



  • zenguyukzenguyuk Member Posts: 2

    EDIT: Cheers guys :), the one sent today in german, can be passed on to someone else :)

    I'm really looking for a buddy key for The Secret World too :)

    If anybody could help me out it would be very much appreceated. I'l might give you a couple bucks :p

    Just dont wanna get stung again as i went for Darkfall and it wasnt for me but secret world sounds very suited to me :)



  • burntOrangeburntOrange Member UncommonPosts: 5

    I wouldn't mind giving this one a go.


    If anyone has a key, please send it to [email protected]



  • saiweedsaiweed Member UncommonPosts: 53

    would really like to give this game a try~! buddy key very much appreciated :)


    [email protected]

  • gemillergemiller Member UncommonPosts: 17
    I would like a trial key if anyone would be able to share one with me via pm.
  • anthonyc999anthonyc999 Member Posts: 18

    if you pm me i wil give out buddy keys


  • Quazal.AQuazal.A Member UncommonPosts: 859

    hey can someone send me  abuddy key please :)


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  • omega1368omega1368 Member Posts: 2

    Hey All

    I really would like to try this game out, if you could send me a invite or buddy key I would really appreciate it.


    email: [email protected]

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