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LF Party Grind Game

AtavanAtavan Member Posts: 1
I've played quite a bit of Ragnarok Online and would like to play another game based on party play, no solo fetch questing please. Action oriented combat would be a plus.


  • TwistingfateTwistingfate Member Posts: 177

    The big one that comes to mind is Final Fantasy 11. Its old and has dated graphics but it has one of the best communities ive seen. Join a Linkshell (Guild). Find people around your level and travel to an area to camp out at. Its very mellow because the combat is slower paced allowing you to chat and really have a relaxed time.

    Like i said, be aware its an older game but you may enjoy it. Just recently came out with a new expansion and for 40 dollars you can get everything. All the xpacs and bonus content, another thing to note is it has a massive amount of content so be ready for a lot of stuff to experience. 


    Good to see an old ragnarok players. good game :) had a lvl 95 Biochemist back in the day :).


  • HeretiqueHeretique Member RarePosts: 1,499
    TERA Online, if you want you guys could farm BAMS (think monster hunter) all they way till 60.
  • UnrealRpgUnrealRpg Member UncommonPosts: 117
    Your best option might be PSO2 Japan.
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