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PlanetSide: Now Celebrating 10 Years

SBFordSBFord Former Associate EditorMember LegendaryPosts: 33,126

Sony Online Entertainment is inviting all former PlanetSide subscribers to come back for a tenth anniversary celebration. As an enticement, all paying players of the past will receive a complimentary six-month subscription.

In addition, SOE's John Smedley has announced that PlanetSide will be going F2P in the future.

It's been ten years since the Terran Republic, Vanu Sovereignty, and New Conglomerate first fought viciously over terrain in PlanetSide 1, a tradition that continues as conflict rages across Indar, Esamir, and Amerish in PlanetSide 2. Join us in celebrating this anniversary by remembering your service in PlanetSide 1.

Visit the PlanetSide site for more information.




  • ShakyMoShakyMo Member CommonPosts: 7,207
    Gahh damn smurfs get everywhere
  • TallynTallyn Member UncommonPosts: 217

    Even better, Smedley tweeted that they granted ANYONE who ever played PS1 or PS2 a free 6 months of PS1. If for some reason you did not get access by now, just open up a support ticket and they should be able to hook you up.


    Was able to log in last night with a few outfit members and I have to say that the game held up surprisingly well over the years. We found ourselves in a few "massive" battles and it was quite painful to rip ourselves away from the game in order to catch some sleep.

    I'm still amazed by the near perfection of the meta-game and character advancement that SOE achieved with the original Planetside. It's absolutely mind-boggling why such a system (or similar) was not kept in place when designing PS2. Thankfully, they are starting to slowly add elements of PS1 into PS2, but until then we have this old gem to fight, die, and respawn in for the next 6 months, for FREE!

    Good job, Smed.

  • Vion1xVion1x Member Posts: 188
    planetside2 is free! - now we get a 6 month sub for planetside1... whuuuhuu ? .. ehhh.
  • Soki123Soki123 Member RarePosts: 2,558
    Logged into PS1 last night, was completely dead. I realized I like PS2 better anyways.
  • SunwolfNCSunwolfNC Member UncommonPosts: 188

    My original SOE account was hacked about 4 years ago, though I'd stopped playing any SOE game 6+ years ago. Contacted customer service by email and phone; never got the help needed to reclaim the account. Even went so far to download the huge planetside2 download, and I can't even get it launched. crashes all the time.


    Just served to remind me to avoid SOE.

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