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Happy 100th day ArcheAge



  • KumaponKumapon Member RarePosts: 1,396

    Originally posted by Sukiyaki
    I'm more inclined now about the updates the game received over the past and are planed ahead.I can only make so much about some few trailer and patch notes.Have more zones been added lately? Or any soon?

    Off the top of my head, Xl games has added this past month :

    - 2 new regions on the Northern continent

    - Open dungeon under the ocean

    - 10 man instance pve dungeon

    - 5 vs 5 PVP BG

    - New islands with bosses on them

    - New Heroic World boss that lives under the ocean.

  • maccarthur2004maccarthur2004 Member UncommonPosts: 511
    Originally posted by Zornhau
    Originally posted by coretex666

    How is AA doing in Korea?

    Is the population stable?Is it rising?Is it bleeding subs?

    Not sure about subs but according to gamenote ranking it's held steady at #7 after falling from #3 since the start.

    Top 10:

    1) League of Legend

    2) Sudden Attack

    3) FIFA Online 3

    4) Lineage

    5) Blade & Soul

    6) Aion

    7) Archeage

    8) Cypher Online

    9) Critical

    10) Diablo 3


    So, the only P2P mmorpg above Archeage is Blade & Soul (a martial arts mmo?). If yes, it's very good the AA's position.



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