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Seeking new gaming buddy!!!

JerkbagJerkbag Member UncommonPosts: 26

So up until recently I've had a group of gaming mates that I regularly play with but for a whole bunch of reasons between them having kids etc they no longer have time to play, and I generally like playing with friends in co-op style gameplay so gaming has been rather boring for me of late

this doesn't mean I want to be invited to a large guild / community . What I'm after is a small group of people who regularly play together. In terms of games I'm big on mmorpgs but I spend alot of time surfing steam downloading new and random games to test them out  but generally get over them within a few hours because solo gameplay I find far to boring even when matched with randoms I find it rather llame been thinking about jumping into defiance mmo after watching a video on YouTube of two people playing together but I know if I play it solo ill be over it in sseconds

also I live in Australia so my times may be very different to yours 

send me a message here or add me on steam "xeziate" or "qualitional" I forget which one aha


  • BloortBloort Member Posts: 6

    Add me on steam : Padieu

    What games do you play on steam?

  • slygamer1979slygamer1979 Member UncommonPosts: 101
    add me slyfox5679 lets see what we can play together :-)
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