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So, what happened since release..

Lord.BachusLord.Bachus Member RarePosts: 9,629

With the news of the game going ftp, many oldtimers that bought the game at release but quickly moved on just like me only have one burnin g question at their lips.


What things where added and changed to the game after it first released?

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  • paladin016paladin016 Member Posts: 27
    I have played the game since release, and when it was vanilla is SO FUN! But now it is a grindfest and i find this expansion amazing, but the endgame is soooo terrible. Literally, it will takes you like 100hours of gameplay to even get ready to raid. Sorry i'm done with this game

  • Kayn33Kayn33 Member Posts: 20

    I quit first month on release, came back bit before SL and stayed so far.

    What changed? Well, game seems bit more polished, roles are well defined, LFG was introduced, Chronicles, PA, etc etc.

    It really depends on why you quit - I did because of 1 button specs, meh first tier of raids, loathing the questing, and a bad guild.

    Atm I play because raids are pretty good, specs are sort of varied and not 1 button(granted some are very few and simple), and I'm in a decent guild. I'm not a big fan of the questing, and I end up missing vanilla(or chocolate Rift as people call it) dungeons and zones(I feel SL ones are big but generic).

    As for post above - grind has been reduced a lot since SL hit. It was quite a bit at start, but now, you can get basic notoriety you need from doing all quests/carnages, and GHR groups will get you through Torvan, not immediately but you don't need BIS stuff entering your first raid. 

    To be ready to raid, you just need the basic stuff, and improve it as you go if you care for your character. You can kill most of the raid bosses with a raid that's mostly geared in expert epics + blue essences, the raids are not particularly hard at this point with nerfs and class buffs. I'd say Regulos standing as only "hard" boss at this point, and even then with enough practice he'll get killed. You'll want the hp from BiS essences at that point though, which I don't think is a bad thing considering he's last boss of raid content, sides the few HMs.

    Anyway I went on a tangent - as I said, it depends on why you left. Rift has a good chunk of content, but in the end(and I say this preferring Rift to any current MMO out there atm), most of it is fluff and it's still a themepark with your raiding endgame and gear grind, but for me it's one of the best at it and I'm content with it.




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