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Is it worth me building a new rig this summer?

David_LopanDavid_Lopan Member UncommonPosts: 813

As the title states, however I will be keeping monitor, mouse, and keyboard. I am not current with what is coming out this summer in terms of hardware so here is my aging rig's specs:

Intel i5 750 @ OC 3.3 GHz, Proc

8 GB 1600 (2 gigs per stick), RAM

GTX 570 1.5 Gigs, GFXC


Creative SB X-Fi, SC

850 Watt Power supply, forgot the maker and rail but its still kicking after 5 years

DVD RW, Drive

(1) 128 GB SSD Samsung

(1) 1 TB 7200 HD

Water cooling system that will also move to the new rig, but I would like a new case that is easy to work with and does not look crazy, functional with good airflow.

Any new Proc's or GFX Cards coming that is worth it (I am not partial to AMD, Intel, Nivdia, ATI, etc).

No way I will run more then one card though (SLI, Crossfire).

Thx for your suggestions ahead of time.


  • QuizzicalQuizzical Member LegendaryPosts: 22,233

    On the CPU side, Haswell processors are coming in a few weeks and will be a slight improvement over current generation Ivy Bridge.  Next year, Intel will offer Broadwell processors, but those may or may not have a socketed version at all--and if they don't, it will probably be because Intel doesn't think they're a new high end in CPU performance.  Intel will launch Ivy Bridge-E later this year, but that's still the same Ivy Bridge cores that you can buy today, and merely offers 6 of them rather than 4--and at a huge price tag.

    AMD will launch Kaveri around the end of the year, but that's more for the integrated graphics, and not what you want.  AMD hasn't announced this, but I expect them to launch a CPU with about 8-12 Steamroller cores early to mid next year, and while that should be a big improvement over the FX series processors that you can buy today, it's not likely to catch Haswell in single-threaded performance.

    For video cards, AMD's Volcanic Islands cards are coming late this year.  That's a die shrink to 20 nm, so it should offer a big improvement over everything on the market today, with the possible exception of a GeForce GTX Titan if you look only at raw performance.  Nvidia will launch their Maxwell cards on 20 nm next year, probably several months after AMD launches their Volcanic Islands cards.   AMD nearly always launches cards on a new process node first, then Nvidia eventually launches faster, more expensive cards on the same process node.  Nvidia can do that because they're willing to go larger on die size than AMD, but the larger die size hurts yields and tends to delay things--sometimes delaying the real high end cards by a year or more.

    So I'd say, if you want to wait, you could wait for Haswell, but that will be out by summer.  The next thing worth waiting for after that would be AMD's next series of video cards, which will launch late this year.  After that, unless you're looking to spend over $500 on a CPU or a lot more than that even on a video card, there's nothing worth waiting for until 2015.

  • ShakyMoShakyMo Member CommonPosts: 7,207
    Gpus especially won't change much, both the new consoles are using 7850s
  • xdflamesxdflames Member Posts: 6
    I will only recommend a case as I am sure I'm not hardware educated as much as these guys. Fractal Design R4 is a very simplicity focused case with plenty of room, good airflow, and very silent. I would recommend Fractal Design cases to anyone looking for something that works great. Also found this on sale about a week ago for $30 off.
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