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Is all content now in the form od DLCs?

QSatuQSatu Member UncommonPosts: 1,795
Or are there normal patches? Are they even planning to add someday a new zone? Basically I'm thinking about the future of this game and where it will go. I am finally getting a little tired of GW2 so I might give this a go.


  • MkilbrideMkilbride Member UncommonPosts: 643

    Good game.


    But yes, all future content is DLC. =/

    Help get Camelot Unchained made, a old-school MMORPG, with no hand holding!

  • DraGzielDraGziel Member UncommonPosts: 67
    Unfortunately yes. Content is released with DLCs.
  • dancingstardancingstar Member UncommonPosts: 362

    From what we've seen since the business model change, most, but not all, new content is part of the paid DLC.

    Issue #5: Paid DLC included the Tyler Freeborn mission chain; the Quantum Brace aux weapon and mission to unlock it, one repeatable mission in Egpyt, and an investigation in Transylvania were added to the basic game.

    Issue #6: Paid DLC included the Last Train to Cairo mission chain plus six side missions; these missions are the only way to obtain the Whip aux weapon and the new token vendor currency. The Lair raid (released somewhat later than the main issue #6 updates) is apparently accessible without buying the DLC.

    There are still going to be patches for fixing at least some of the bugs the previous patch introduced, PvP balance tweaks, skill buffs / nefts / barfs, &c.  A new adventure zone, Tokyo, is planned for later in the year; another one, to be announced, for the update following, which may or may not manifest before the end of 2013.

  • QSatuQSatu Member UncommonPosts: 1,795
    How much do those DLCs cost? 15euro? I can;'t access their store without an account.
  • OrtwigOrtwig Member UncommonPosts: 1,163
    Originally posted by QSatu
    How much do those DLCs cost? 15euro? I can;'t access their store without an account.

    They are in the $10-15 range, though the new zone may be a bit more.

  • Kemosabe-TBCKemosabe-TBC Member Posts: 58

    - There are regular content updates and DLC updates. The new Lair raid introduced with last patch is not a DLC for example

    - DLCs range from 5-10€ (not 10-15€ as someone said). Though prices may be different in the future. Users who bought the lifetime pack will *never* need to pay more than 10€ for any update, regardless of future price changes. Also they aren't actually paying for those DLCs since they receive enough points each month to buy DLCs.

    - Yes they will add new zones. Two new zones were planned until the end of 2013, but they will most likely only be able to release one, which will be Tokyo. The 2nd planned new zone, and other future new zones are still unknown at this point.

  • QSatuQSatu Member UncommonPosts: 1,795
    Thank for the information. I will buy it today =]
  • rav500rav500 Member Posts: 46

    Just made a comeback in tsw. Awesome! Hope I will be able to play the story-missions over again some time.

    In my opinion they should have opened a server with much easier mobs and faster gameplay. Fighting takes a little too much time to enjoy the story 100%. All in all it's one of the best games I've played :)

  • DocBrodyDocBrody Member UncommonPosts: 1,926

    It's a pretty cool MMO, got the lifetime grandmaster pack a few days ago.

    I like where this game is going storywise and there are lots of awesome things planned for the future. Can't wait for housing, hope to get a free Grandmaster villa or something like that some day :)

  • ashleymorrowashleymorrow Member Posts: 176
    There are also a lot of puzzles and stuff via Twitter. Check the forums and the "What's Happening Now" thread. Some fun stuff.
  • QSatuQSatu Member UncommonPosts: 1,795
    So far the biggest obstacle for me is performance. There are areas which are fine like Salmon Island and then there is Egypt (I wanted to see how it looks like) and I get there ridicuosly small fps =/
  • sado2020sado2020 Member Posts: 112

    For me its this game and Neverwinter that takes up my time now o.O

    Playing: TSW, D&D NW, Defiance (more the tv show than game >.> ) LotRO, DCUO

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