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Appearance of BOTS?

LuckshmiLuckshmi Member Posts: 74

bumped into threads -- about RO2 bots.

BOTS has been root problem of RO1 (aside from unfixed bugs) ever since.. I don't think I want to have this again on RO2..

and the thing is.. these bots aren't even free..

you pay for it to get the whole package.. I never get the idea of botting.

It isn't playing if its botting.


  • PhantasmagoriaPhantasmagoria Member Posts: 63
    well for some reason, there are players who are just after endgame and from what I know, there is an event in RO2 about the first 100 to reach level 30. If the prices are good enough, others would do anything for it. then there are players that just want to reach max level right away 
  • KimrilKimril Member Posts: 6
    It's been there since Ragna 1.  So definitely they will do the same on this Ragnarok II.  But either way bots are always in the games.
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