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LuckshmiLuckshmi Member Posts: 74

Does playing on steam makes any difference w/o steam?


Ragnarok 2, official launch on the WarpPortal and on Steam, May 1st 3pm PDT. On the WarpPortal we are putting together the launch installer, this installer is for players that don't have the Beta client installed. If you have the beta client, just patch it!

Steam will soon start its preloading as well.


  • PhantasmagoriaPhantasmagoria Member Posts: 63
    uhm... i think so.. not sure >.<
  • poringslasherporingslasher Member Posts: 59
    i haven't tried playing on steam yet but i think except for client execution, all would be the same.
  • LuckshmiLuckshmi Member Posts: 74

    also, what DRM will they be using for RO2?

    Game Guard?

    Hack Shield?


  • PhantasmagoriaPhantasmagoria Member Posts: 63
    no idea about those technical stuff... but why do you ask?
  • poringslasherporingslasher Member Posts: 59
    RO2 uses hack shield.
  • kalilyrrkalilyrr Member Posts: 18
    I think I just saw an archer sliding ingame, or maybe not. too much lag! haha
  • LuckshmiLuckshmi Member Posts: 74
    I'm just curious on how steam really works and all. :s
  • PhantasmagoriaPhantasmagoria Member Posts: 63
    It's just another way to access the game actually.. nothing really special... 
  • kalilyrrkalilyrr Member Posts: 18
    Originally posted by Luckshmi
    I'm just curious on how steam really works and all. :s

    i got nothing man, try to google it. 

  • PhantasmagoriaPhantasmagoria Member Posts: 63
    Steam is a gaming platform. you create an account, buy games for PC that will be stored there, add friends, manage game files better etc. But you'll still be accessing the same server as the one in the normal client
  • Germaximus_SGermaximus_S Member UncommonPosts: 1,061

    As far as the game is concerned it shouldn't play any differently than the non Steam version. 

    Steam allows you to track all games on one program. You can add your non Steam games to the library and boot them from it. It gives you an overlay like Raptr or Origin which you can bring up in game and send and receive messages to friends if you want.

    It also automatically patches games that get new patches. And then of course there's the store that has sales often and you can just buy games straight from it.

    I use both Steam and Raptr since Raptr added its rewards program. I use Steams overlay tho and have Raptr's disabled. The overlay also allows you to take easy screenshots and upload them. It's a very neat program and free to use.

    It has its own community which is extremely populated and can be helpful if you run into problems. Of course like all communities it has its jerks also.

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