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Poll: CU Fan Age?



  • TigsKCTigsKC Member UncommonPosts: 187


    Overheard conversation:

    Old Man 1:  Let me tellya, kid, playing Neverwinter Nights back in the day on AOL was the bomb.
    Old Man 2:  That's nothing...  I was playing text-based MUDs on an xterm back in the Carter administration.
    Old Man 1:  So... I put in hundreds of hours playing Pong on a 13" black-and-white TV.
    Old Man 2:  Well, I go back to paper and pencil classics from TSR and Chaosium back when Chris Metzen was still in diapers!
    Old Man 1:  Listen, sonny, I have drawn my share of dungeon lairs, too... on cave walls.  Now, that's old school.

  • p0nk1np0nk1n Member Posts: 2
    Originally posted by grvmpybear
    Nothing can come close to the way I felt when I played DAoC. I was so young and it was all so new to me. I guess I'm hoping CU can bring back a few of those fuzzy feelings.

    Samething here. I played DAoC for 4 years in his debut. I made the mistake of switching to WoW to follow my friends. I tried to go back to DAoC 3 or 4 years after but I felt like I couldn't catch up people who never stopped playing. I wish CU brings back the fun I had while playing DAoC. I remember when I was coming back from school on friday at 4h45 pm and started to play all weekend until I had to go back to school on monday. Now I am 27 and I will be a father in 5 weeks, of course I won't play some 16 hours straight anymore, but I just hope I'll find the same feeling I had with DAoC. BTW I'm glad to see the results of this vote, the community will be very mature. Only other game I played with a mature community was LOTRO and that's the only reason why I played for about 6 months. Would have been a lot less without a great community.


  • GitmixGitmix Member UncommonPosts: 604

    37 here. By no means am I a CU follower but I'll surely give it a go when it releases. I can't say I'm a fan of these no-risk PvP games though so I'm slightly on the fence here. On the other hand I do love PvP centric MMOs so we'll see.


  • WalkingFortressWalkingFortress Member UncommonPosts: 3
    18 years here.I've been lurking for awhile since Camelot Unchained popped up on MMORPG. Looks like I'm the only guy in the thread to vote 16-20.  Played Albion as a Theurgist on DAoC. Kept it pretty simple but I loved the hell out of that game. Time to bring the fury as an Arthurian for Camelot Unchained!


  • immodiumimmodium Member RarePosts: 2,610
    40+ the majority. Guess they will be going less twitch, more traditional tab based targeting system so the old bastards won't get pwned. ;)

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