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Hooking up online

cybertruckercybertrucker Member UncommonPosts: 1,117

Thru games or even just dating sites. Have any of you ever hooked up online? Either for an actual relationship or just a wham bam type of evening.

I ask because a friend of mine is currently hooking up with different gals all over the place using his computer. He travels for a living like I do. He has pretty much turned into a man Who..bleep.  Last week he scored 5 times in 5 different states. 2 of them were even married.

So curious to see what people here think or have experianced?


  • UberBrandtUberBrandt Member Posts: 6

    I have. About seven years ago, I met a woman online. We talked for the longest time, and we even talked about hooking up. We eventually did and it was fun. She's now one of my best friends, and we talk and hang out all the time. By no means is it the norm, and you should definitely be careful, but it definitely works if you're cautious.

    We met online. Started just IM'ing, moved to chatting over Skype with webcam, and we eventually met each other and spent an entire week in a hotel room. It was the most fun I've ever had.

    As far as using it to score consistantly in multiple states, such as your friend. I can't say. The only thing I can say is he's either incredibly attractive or incredibly confident.

  • cybertruckercybertrucker Member UncommonPosts: 1,117
    I don't think he would score really many points in the attractive scale haha. But he pretty cocky which is in and of itself confidence which women love. Even though many times it comes off at least to me as an I don't give a shit attitude.
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