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Paypal for kickstarter tiers

VeighnergVeighnerg Member UncommonPosts: 40
I've been hearing things about a paypal option opening up after the KS time period has ended. Does anyone know if the kickstarter tiers will still apply to this (aka I paypal 110 for the "Young Hero" tier) so that I receive the benefits that regular kickstarter backers would? I have not found anything saying any specific details that would answer my question.

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  • Squeak69Squeak69 Member UncommonPosts: 959
    paypal works after the kickstarter is over because paypal has to transfer the money immidatly, because of this with how KS works paypal will not be avalible till after the kickstarter has met its goal, know whether or not the tiers will still be applyable for im not sure, but i would imagine that if that KS's time hasnt run out yet, it prob would.

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  • MoraxoMoraxo Member Posts: 17

    Mark Jacobs has stated that they'll have a number of the limited tiers reserved for PayPal, so people who can't pledge on KickStarter won't be at disadvantage and still have a chance to get an inn or an island.

    From that i'd figure that we'll likely see the same tiers, offered at the same price as he wouldn't want to enrage his KS backers either.

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