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Revenge on Mark Jacobs-Count of MMORPGCrisco Style



  • JeroKaneJeroKane Member EpicPosts: 6,466
    Originally posted by Gyrus
    Originally posted by Alienami
    ... Going to love this game regardless. Tired of all these crappy MMOs with bad RVR/PVP.

    Okay... here's a couple of questions for you:

    First one (easy): What is wrong with all the current MMOs which offer RvR / PvP?  Please list a few you have played and say what is wrong with them.  Please be specific (no "they suxxor" please).

    Second question (harder): Please say how CU will address the problems listed above and make RvR/PvP 'better'?  And just a small point here - if your answer is simply "Tri-Realm" could you please say why and how that actually helps?  That may seem unfair - but I have a feeling I know how these answers will go...

     This. Seriously MMO's change over the years during their life cycle. So did WoW.

    It doesn't change the fact that up until TBC I had a blast playing Alterac Valley and have gone through some intens battles in there that lasted over 7 hours.... forcing me to logout due to pure exhaustion. lol.

    But people easily seem to forget the good times they had in a game and just focus on the bad things in the end, simply because after years they simply burned out on the game and REFUSE to admit it and move on.

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