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Seriously Considering Re-Subbing to AoC, Couple Questions

Good Afternoon Guys!

I'm considering coming back to AoC but it's been a long time(1-2 years)  since i've played. I've been messing around with the F2P with a new character but I also have a lvl 80 BS. I own all the content up to Godslayer. Would it be worth it to get right back into it on my Bear Shaman or to continue with my new character and move him up through content by leveling to get a grasp on the changes to the game?

Thanks for any input!



  • DaSpackDaSpack Member UncommonPosts: 589

    Sure if you make a new character you will see a lot of mid level content... But I am thinking that you probably have more than enough new content at 80 to make yourself busy. I'd say just continue with your BS if you have a proper guild to team up with. Khitai Dungeons are sooo demanding, you will also have a lot of fun doing that.

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  • AnubzaraAnubzara Member Posts: 10
    Sounds like a plan! I also still have my free level 50 roll so i'll probably use that on a Guard or Barb. I had forgotten about how the skill rotations work and that downranking is still very viable so working on that now. Also if there is a guild that does T1-T2 regularly i'd be happy to join. I'm a quick learner and was previously just getting into T1 when i stopped playing.
  • Po_ggPo_gg Member EpicPosts: 5,749

    Since as f2p you cannot access the Godslayer content, I'd suggest the same, playing with your free character to get the gist of the game again, and when you're familiar again with Hyboria then re-sub and check Khitai.

    Shammies are still a great and fun play :) if you want to use the lvl50 kickstart option I'd say pick barb over guard, it's maybe a bit closer to bs (on the other hand as guard it'd be easier to get in a pug. In a guild it doesn't matter ofc.)

  • DocBrodyDocBrody Member UncommonPosts: 1,926


    it is a very good (and very huge) beautiful gameworld, I got some gametime cards recently and enjoy it a lot. I have fun with guild city building and sieges, nice guild community too.


    Doc B

  • AnubzaraAnubzara Member Posts: 10
    I'm a Veteran or something like that so i think i do have access to at least some Godslayer content(Also bought Godslayer when it was an expac). I was able to go over to Khitai last night and my BS is a Khitan so I might have to dabble a bit and see what i have access to before i sub. Once i get the rotation down and get some better gear, I think i will greatly enjoy my BS again. Can't wait to really start moving through the content! Does it still take 4-6 months to get the Tiger and Wolf mounts through rep? I remember i had gotten half way to whichever i had chosen before i stopped playing.
  • H0urg1assH0urg1ass Member EpicPosts: 2,380

    The only Godslayer content that you have access to is beginner zone called Gateway to Khitai.  The rest of the expansion pack, that you paid for, is off limits unless you buy those zones back individually or resub the game.

    If you've been gone for a really long time, then I would suggest starting a new character and leveling to 80 before returning to your Bear Shaman.  BS are notoriously difficult to play well because of the insane amount of micromanaging you have to do, and it's probably not the best choice for jumping right back into the game at lvl 80.

  • Po_ggPo_gg Member EpicPosts: 5,749
    Originally posted by Anubzara
    Does it still take 4-6 months to get the Tiger and Wolf mounts through rep? I remember i had gotten half way to whichever i had chosen before i stopped playing.

    I don't do Khitai anymore (way too much grind for my taste...) so I dunno if this is still accurate or not:  (the archive will be closed in a couple of months anyway)

    We did a few runs back then, the post is stickied for a reason - but I must add RotG is called the Grindbringer also for a reason :)

  • AnubzaraAnubzara Member Posts: 10
    Ahhh ok thanks for the info! You are definitely right, just reading some of the information on the forums for rotations and builds shows you have so much buff management to keep your physical damage up and viable. I think I will level again and maybe go with a Barb as i've always wanted to get in depth with one but never did. If I find a guild right away though i know a Guardian would be fun as well. I was a tank in most other MMO's i've played so I have quite a bit of experience with that role.
  • Destiny2010Destiny2010 Member UncommonPosts: 327

    Getting the tiger and wolf mount takes quicker then 4-6 months. Both factions are actually pretty quick to "lvl" to call it that to rank 4, and then do quests, so rather 1-2 months in normal playing, and you can do both at the same time without a problem. The biggest obsticale to making it done in less then 30 days is what gear you have to do the quests with.


    But the game is nice, either one decides to start on lvl 1, or to continue on lvl 80 onto the expansion. I play a BS myself :)

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