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Phantasy Star Online 2!

So.. is anyone else hype about, Phantasy Star Online 2 thats about to come out? Cause sure as hell I am.

I been a fan of the Phantasy Star series since, Phantasy Star Universe, I couldn't help but to get all hyped up about it becoming a free MMORPG.  I mean the online gameplay on Universe was fun but I hated paying the little fee that came with it a month. But hell I never really considered it to come out as an actual, MMORPG, hell, I wouldn't even consider it to even be FREE at that.  :D  But I am hyped up about it. Is anyone else hyped up about this?

The link to the offical site is here, .


It looks like it's going to be amazing. And really bring back a better touch to the MMO world.



  • IstafeinIstafein Member UncommonPosts: 70
    Phantasy Star Online was my very first experience with online gaming and I was absolutely addicted to it. Saying I'm psyched about this game is such a huge understatement. I can't freaking wait! xD

    “So do not worry about tomorrow; for tomorrow will care for itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own." - Matthew 6-34

  • MagiknightMagiknight Member CommonPosts: 782

    It looks fun. What is it going to be like? I've never heard anything but good things about the first PSO


    They all it a "multiplayer online RPG." That's what 90% of the games released under the title MMO should be called. At least they are honest

  • thinktank001thinktank001 Member UncommonPosts: 2,144

    If the cash shop model was a bit better, then I would be hyped, but it is just typical F2P trash. 


    Taking the ability to trade away from players unless they spend on the cash shop really kills it for me.   Maplestory has a similar, but less restrictive rule with their free market areas, and IMHO it just kills enjoyability of the game.  

  • MagiknightMagiknight Member CommonPosts: 782
    Originally posted by thinktank001

    If the cash shop model was a bit better, then I would be hyped, but it is just typical F2P trash. 


    Taking the ability to trade away from players unless they spend on the cash shop really kills it for me.   Maplestory has a similar, but less restrictive rule with their free market areas, and IMHO it just kills enjoyability of the game.  

    Now I wont play it.

  • LeaningKidGokuLeaningKidGoku Member Posts: 41

    Well they are actually not doing the pay to win thing. This is truly a free game to which faction you choose, do missions for your faction or just do mission regardless to get stronger, you get paid through the end of your mision and the score you got after your mission. 

    After a few amount of missions, you'll finish an episode and so on and so on.  The money you get from your missions is what you use in their, "Mall" system to which you are actually in a huge mall with other players to buy potions, weapons, new clothes for when your not on a mission and armor for when you take on a mission. And what I loved about it the most, you can buy furniture for your own home! Lol, and yes the home comes free from the beginning when you start.

    The only thing you might even pay for is something special like a tight ass mount. Or special types of Photons.

    (Photons are like energy charges that have different elements you add to your weapon to make it have that extra kick of, fire, ice, nature, water, thunder, and even light and dark. Which I love cause the certain element you choose makes the color of your weapon as for if you choose dark, your weapon is black.)


    I think SEGA really just want to thank the players who stayed with them cause we begged for it in the US.

    Unlike that damn CCorp not giving us, "The World"!




  • psiicpsiic Member RarePosts: 1,640

    I played the Japanese version for a few months and its fun but plan to spend a lot of $ to advance at even a remotely enjoyable pace.

    Oh and if you do not like linear game play give it a pass the game is really nothing but linear.

  • SenanSenan Member UncommonPosts: 788

    Damn, I really can't say I like the sound of this F2P thing. Are you still going to be able to actually find weapons and armor upgrades (as well as other rare items) out in the game world, or are you going to need to buy most of that stuff from the "Mall"? A huge part of the fun from previous Phantasy Star games (for me anyway) was finding unique weapons and items, not buying them.

    I'm not a fan of what these F2P models normally end up doing to games like this. I'd much rather pay 60 bucks and have a completely unrestricted gaming experience (even if only offline) then to have to spend money to progress my character in some meaningful way. That said, can anyone list some specifics about what the cash shop actually entails, and what is pretty much required to buy (like the ability to trade, for example)? The main site doesn't seem to list much about it.

  • Pandaman102Pandaman102 Member Posts: 94

    I was really hesitant about PSO2, given my last experience was PSU and how they went ahead and shut down the US PC/Xbox servers, then didn't have the decency to release the last expansion pack even as a single player-only experience so I never got to finish the story. Now I hear you need to spend money just to trade?

    Yeah, no. SEGA can go sit on a blender.

  • KurushKurush Member Posts: 1,303

    Yeah, you can't trade.  But you CAN buy items off the auction house without cash shop items.  So you can acquire more or less any in-game item with meseta.  That's how people get their stuff in PSO2, not through trade windows.  If you want to sell items on the auction house, you can buy a 30 day "My Shop" ticket for 7 dollars.  Or you can buy Premium for about $12 a month and get My Shop, My Room, and the ability to trade.  My Room is basically your own customizable apartment (with furniture items, etc.).

    I've played this game significantly.  I've played dozens of F2P titles, both from the West and Asia.  This game is probably the farthest from P2W out of any F2P I've played.  You may dislike some of their cash shop items, but you don't _need_ any of them.  You can be perfectly competitive, even at endgame, without them.  Heck, most of the current English-speaking community is doing very well endgame, and 95% of them are 100% free players.  And even if you do want the Premium features, it's $12 a month.  That's not a lot.  This game has its quirks, and it will probably drive some players away because of them.  I'm fine talking about its real problems.  Being P2W is not one of them.

    Do you want details?  Here's what is actually sold in the cash shop:

    Premium 30/60/90 Days

    My Shop 30 Days

    My Room 30 Days

    Storage Expansion (You get 200 items worth of storage without this, not a small amount.  If you want, you can add 500, 1000, or 1500 more spaces.  This upgrade is temporary, bought in either 30 or 90 day chunks.  Mostly pointless.)

    Inventory Expansion (Your inventory starts with 50 items, which is plenty.  You can upgrade this to 100.  This upgrade is permanent.  For reference, you can use a telepipe to return to your campship at any time in a dungeon, to dump items into storage.  $16 for max inventory space, but a one-time expense.  Not needed for the reason listed above, but it's probably the most useful cash shop upgrade.)

    Sub-Palette Expansion (You have 3 different skill hotbars you can switch between at any time, more than enough.  This adds up to 3 more permanently.  I find this one completely pointless.)

    Character Creation (You can only create one character per account.  This sounds worse than it is.  One character can be every class.  You can level all of the jobs on the same char, if you want, and switch both your main job and subjob on the fly as desired.  Alts are only useful if you absolutely want a character of different race/gender.  Most people just make multiple accounts for alts. $5 for an extra slot.)

    Server Transfer Item ($7)

    Skill Tree Reset (Your "skills" are basically your talent tree, to use a WoW analogy.  Yeah, some people will hate this.  They only issue resets after major balance changes.  Otherwise you buy this item.  $5)

    Additional Skill Tree (You only get one tree per class by default.  If you want to switch on the fly, you have to buy more.  $10)

    Additional Mag (You probably know what a mag is.  You get one for free.  $3 for new ones.)

    Mag Reset (Don't understand the point of this item, since it's cheaper to buy a brand new one and keep the old one as-is.  $5)

    Scape Dolls (These give you the option to res mid-combat.  Sounds OP and game-breaking, but these items are actually useless to buy.  If you die, you simply reappear at campship with no penalty and can instantly return to your last telepipe/dungeon level entrance.  Not needed for any boss fight.  Game really isn't that hard.)

    Cosmo Atomizers (Fully restores HP/Status of party members.  Again, sounds OP.  Actually pointless.  Did I mention this game isn't hard?  And the consumables you find on the ground heal you tons.  It's like PSO1, where you sometimes eat a ton of damage if you're careless, but you can heal it all back up a second later.)

    For the two items above, nobody buys them, and nobody expects you to have them.

    Salon Item (If you know PSO, you know customizing your look is a big part of it.  You can change a lot about your character's appearance even after chargen.  However, certain changes require AC.  $5)

    +100% XP tickets (Yeah, these last 30 minutes.  Nice while they last, but again, nobody really buys them due to the short duration.)

    +150% Drop rate (Sounds great.  You really don't need them, though.  Lasts 30 minutes.)

    AC Scratch/AC Scratch Gold (These are complicated.  They're also probably the best-selling item.  To make a long story short, these are your typical "Gacha" items which give you a random reward.  Mostly cosmetic items like clothes or furniture.  It also gives a few mag devices, all of which are either cosmetic, useless, or readily available on the auction house.  Also some upgrade items, which increase your chance of a successful item upgrade.)

    Yep, what I just listed is everything in the cash shop.

    If you do want scratch items without buying AC, all of them can be resold on the auction house, so you can get them all for meseta.  Nothing in this game "binds" to your character.  Also, if you buy scratch and don't get the scratch items you want, you can actually trade in unused scratch items for some of the most popular scratch items.

    And yeah, this game does have an item-strengthening system (as in, Random Weapon +5).  it's much more complicated than usual, as you'd expect from a PSO game.  But to greatly simplify things, the first few levels are easy.  The last few levels are hard.  One huge difference in PSO2: you never _lose_ your item.  The worst thing that can happen on a failed upgrade is the item loses some upgrade levels.  So you're never required to buy items to avoid losing your best gear.  It just makes the process of getting very high-level items cheaper.

    So even if you wanted pretty much the best experience, you can get it for $12 per month.  _Maybe_ you'd buy the inventory expansion for $16.  Pretty much anything else can be bought for meseta.

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