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what is WoW's guild system like?

millerhelp0millerhelp0 Member Posts: 223

i am getting this game very soon and wondering how guilds work do they work like guild wars and cost alot to do good in guild wars u have to pay 40k for a hall 2k for a cape to get any1 to join and most ppl leave the guild after less than a day or maybe they last a day there are few dedicated guil members is it thsi way in Wow does it cost to have a guild? do people come in and out so often that you cant ever have a good guild with about 10 dedicated members?



  • ZhootZhoot Member Posts: 6

    the WoW Guild system is really simple. A guild can be created within a few hours, less time if you know 10 guildless players, it only costs 10 Silver in WoW. But if you want a guild as fast as possible and one that helps you when you get trouble I suggest that you tries to find a guild with 100+ members. Then allways someone can help you. But small guilds are OK too... But its harder to find help then.

    I like big guilds most because that if you're bored you can allmost allways get a few players to join you for some Player Versus Player Combat.

    Hope this helped!

    I Live For This Shit!

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