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xyfaismynamexyfaismyname Member Posts: 13

Hi Guys!


i want to play rappelz but in philippines server.

i know you guys are PROs when it comes to rappelz.

can you give me any idea on which i will choose? PVE or PVP?

which build is good?


i heard rappelz philippines is good and PVE server is a newly opened server.

i also heard that they are giving free items for new players and transfering players.

Does any of you tried playing here? ?


Any reply will be appreciated. Thank you!!


  • EsuarfeeeeEsuarfeeee Member UncommonPosts: 91

    dude don't bother playing this one, afaik this game is completely p2w, like cash shop heavy. 

  • xyfaismynamexyfaismyname Member Posts: 13

    is this the same as rappelz in us? i hope not :(

    my friend told me that they switched to rappelz philippines because of hacking issues in us.


    now i want to try it but im confused on which to choose, PVE or PVP :(

  • EsuarfeeeeEsuarfeeee Member UncommonPosts: 91

    i really have no idea what could be their differences, personally i haven't tried that game.

    well if you're willing to shell out some cash in the game, you might as well go for pvp.


    just my 2 cents though, before you actually spend some money in game, just try to hit max level(if possible) without

    spending any dime, from there, you could start thinking about those things that will really require you to spend some money. 

    since i believe you'll be playing with your friends, you could ask and help each other with your items and what not. 


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