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Just purchased VIP - but no info?



  • stringboistringboi Member UncommonPosts: 394
    Very nice of them....I'll be asking to do the same!
  • Slappy1Slappy1 Member Posts: 458
    Originally posted by Aerowyn
    Originally posted by Slappy1
    Originally posted by Aerowyn
    I talked with SOE they are able to refund a lower pack if you want to upgrade...was nice of them..happy they were accommodating to my request

    Good to know,I'll be contacting them soon :)

    just got my refund for the $40 pack.. so they were good on their word and let me upgrade:)

    I got my refund also and ended getting the $90 pack instead,I can always use the SC in EQ2 if this one doesn't work out.

    What I did learn is,they will upgrade you if you bought your pack before the houses were added.If you bought a pack after the houses were part of the matrix,you can't get a refund/upgrade(according to SOE).The only way would be to add another pack to your account and keep both.

    Some day I'm going to put a sword through your eye and out the back of your skull!

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  • Dreamo84Dreamo84 Member UncommonPosts: 3,713
    Originally posted by Aerowyn
    Originally posted by IceAge
    Originally posted by Aerowyn
    Originally posted by rojo6934
    it seems that all the new F2P mmos are becoming Buy to Play at a much higher price. Not good. I'll wait for launch then play for free. I dont want to see retail prices go sky high because of expensive pre-purchases of  "vip" access, which is apparently what is going to keep happening.

    not sure what that means especially when considering a f2p game.. you are just paying for early access and a couple perks nothing more.. really main reason I did it for this game was the SC on top of being interested in the game.. sony cash can be used on any sony game that has transactions for it so if this game doesn't pan out for me ill save it for another one of their games.. no real loss

    Your ... budget is kinda...scary Aerowyn ! You buy like...every game which is coming up. Yea, maybe that's not to much money , but you are like .. everywhere ! F2P, B2P, P2P . I know you bought at least 4 games in the past month, so .. you do have a real life, life ... right? :)

    haha yea somewhat real life.. but yes.. honestly I ONLY buy MMOs.. single player offline games i get lent to me from friends so I never purchase those. So really isn't a lot of money.. I don't buy $200 packs or anything like that. Ill throw $30 into a kickstarter or $60 into a pre-purchase but that's about it.. but yes I do play ALL MMOs or at least I try all MMOs i come across:)

    You're as bad as me! And my brother thinks I'm crazy! But I just love MMOs I want to try them all and continue playing as many of the good ones as I can lol.

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