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Looking For A specific MMORPG

Hello, I am struggling to find a certain MMo That is found around my likings. ive Lost all hope on my side to find one like i want it so here it goes

If anyone of you Would know A game That Revolves Around the concept Like phantasy Star Universe Wehere you can find love, Free roam Chat, Simple?

Please If you could help Out by telling me Some MMO's Like that! (: Ty!


  • MagiknightMagiknight Member CommonPosts: 782
    No but maybe you can help me find a square circle.
  • kakuruchikakuruchi Member Posts: 1


    WANT TO PLAY NEW MMO that will give you Beat coin?


    im playing it dragon's tale online for about an hour ago


    but the thing here is you can earn bitcoin and you can exchange it for USD





    How to earn bitcoin(btc)?



    just play a skill games or a pure luck games..




    Statue=ask soldier statues to give you a ksat(.00001).it depends of what kind of statue is that



    finding herbs=this is  most players they want to spend their time..i will give it a try soon


    pure luck games= Dragon's tale online is a mmocasino so theres a lot of games there that you need to 

    make a bet for you to win...


    planting berries=just plant berries and they say that theres a secret technique on how to plant berries.




    well its a very exciting game its a new mmo genre(i hope so)...



    join me here.


    my charactername is CHINAMAN


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