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WonderKing, I miss you..

L0stL0st Member Posts: 77
I really miss this game some times. I have lots of fond memories from it.   =[


  • CHStar04CHStar04 Member Posts: 3
    Well hopefully it comes back then. Not sure about when but if it ever did, I'd pick it up again. 
  • loveless1loveless1 Member Posts: 1
  • CHStar04CHStar04 Member Posts: 3
    Hopefully we hear some news soon. I've checked their facebook page almost everyday but I think they've abandoned it :P
  • LunaPLunaP Member UncommonPosts: 2
    WK's making its return as Gameheart officially gained publishing rights. A new company of developers is now working on WK and pushing forward to include new content ( they've already finished up Dark village and Avale from screenshots and more ) They're revamped skills and are tweaking many issues. They plan to take it as far as it can go. 

    For the speculation of what happened during the whole close down it was mainly on the CEO w/ Ryu&Soft getting greedy with income and attempting to provision the developers to other countries ( such as the phillipines ) to create their own version while ignoring others. There were also pay issues and eventually the DEV"s just got fed up and things went down hill. Its usually something to do w/ something going on corrupt.

    Though now that its said and done Japan has been working on their own content details over the past year to include within Wonderking. NA is still looking at rights but has also given the notion that it may just pursue publishing rights w/ Japan as the main developer as it would be easier to communicate with as far as bugs and other fixes.

    From the CBT alone that JUST passed in Japan ( many of us @ ClubWK were on it ) there were about 5k players in all. Many issues got reported and the GM's are already having their teams fixing up bugs and other things. PvP also got an upgrade and some maps changed as well ( Snow map now allows you to move around as an actual map vs 1 static up and down ) as well as additions to others.

    New skills have been added as well as others revamped to look more flashy and fix some issues w/ animation taking to long. Some may complain that some skills "appear" to be missing but things are currently in the testing phase right now and subject to change. If you guys are still interested however it just means we'll have a bigger player database once things go back online.

    As far as the NAWK version retaining data, I've verified with former GM Zabu ( now a producer with IG ) that the data IS still intact, though the process of either a rollback or wipe is still a concern to those that recall the last quarter of hacking going on in WK once they lost their hackshield license.

    Anywhoo ClubWK is also back online and lots of familiar faces have been returning. We maintain tutorials for the Japanese version should you want to jump on early and or just a place to chat and have fun. I'll maintain posting updates on all forums I'm finding fans of WK on so that the entire community can stay up to date. Feel free to stop by though as I'm sure you'll run into someone familiar <3
  • CHStar04CHStar04 Member Posts: 3
    That's good to hear Luna, thanks for giving an update! Hope to NA WK back soon. =D
  • LunaPLunaP Member UncommonPosts: 2

    Linked this yesterday after translating, forgot to post here, its news about the next CBT in Japan as well as updates etc ( all from WK2 JP)  IG should start giving some responses once Japan finishes a successful test run.



    4/15 (4/16)Updates from Japan ! Big announcement later tonight!


    <blockquote restore="" "="">http://wk2.gameheart.jp/board/boardR...ardSeq=8&seq=5

    ***()*** = Notes by me

    Greetings everyone I'm [GM] Golgo
    I've been working on the Francis Server.

    Today will be the "Report for our Future schedule"
    Let me be the first to answer questions that we have received from many of you.

    First is the future schedule:

    We have confirmed that a 2nd Closed Beta will be held this month.
    We will hold the event much longer than the previous ***( looking to be around 1-2 weeks possibly)***
    The level cap will also be raised as well as other maps around the continent opened for exploring.
    The level cap will be about 20 levels above the 2nd job change ****( so 100? )***

    We want to verify if there are any issues with people achieving this and or bugs so please let us know.

    We have 500 names in our lottery drawing for those that signed up. I want to set up a page dedicated to this for
    uses to enter in later this week if possible. This way you can apply after login.

    Information will be posted on the official site, we anticipate your participation, thank you !

    For all qualified contestants we thank you for your submissions!

    Because of all preparations taking place you will have to wait until the opening process ( coming soon ) ***may be the big announcement**
    The event will be held and prizes given out for all those that complete their 2nd Job change!

    Next I have received many questions from all of you, I will answer what I can here:

    Q1 What prices will cash shop items be sold at ( those we saw during beta )

    A: It will differ, sales will be compared to competitions this may change after the period.

    Q2 Will there be a character reset for 2nd CBT?

    A: Reset was since CBT 1 please understand.

    Q3 What are the benefits being given from the previous CBT?

    A: This is for all people that have created at least 1 character.
    We reset the character data on the 2nd day. People that created characters on the first day were elidgable.

    Q4 In addition to an aware what if we did't complete our job change in time?

    A: I apologize but there is no prize for those that didn't complete it, please understand.

    Q5 Are you aware of other issues and requests that have been sent?

    A Yes we are aware, Other issues including gamepad support, we're looking into this and offering alternatives.

    Q6 When do the voice actors start recording?

    A It's planned to start after the official opening. We cannot tell on the timing after recording. We plan on implementing during the next maintenance ( after about a month)

    Q7: When will the next Open Beta be?

    We are looking to hold it somewhere during the GW period *****( Golden Week Date April 29, May 3-5)*******

    I hope I've been able to answer some of your questions, if you have additional questions please send them in !


    GM MaruHani has announced that tomorrow is the day for the BIG News!

    Come and see!

    Wonder King Management Team 2 
    [GM Golgo]


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