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Has PVP improved? Is it still block until attack then block?

Important question for me.


If they've improved PVP and it's not everyone blocks until attack then back to block...I'll come back and sub again. Have they even touched PVP? I know they were quiet for like a year on anything re: pvp.


I really want to come back.


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  • FaelsunFaelsun Member UncommonPosts: 501
    I got bored and tried the game, the combat system itself is not bad. However their is a decided lack of options and flexibility, some degree of blocking is just smart, but I did notice their are a handful of builds running around that are obviously better suited to pvp, a bunch of one handed Deathstroke the Terminator builds, green lantern clones, a few more very common builds. Besides the other problems I have with the game those are some of the most annoying. Considering I liked Sorcery a lot but they pigionhole the power types into roles. Very annoying, not to mention stupid. I see why it didnt go over well on release. Also character creation,./... yeh.
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