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Proof EA is a lost cause

VolmokVolmok Member UncommonPosts: 64

It seems that EA "in the Final Four of the Consumerist's Worst Company awards".



  • Man1acMan1ac Member Posts: 1,428
    They sure did great with the new Sim City lol. I'm glad I didn't preorder that game.

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  • JeriethJerieth Member Posts: 12
    EA is very good at making money and marketing their products, but they are not very good with public relations or developing breakthrough gaming. They consistently piss off gamers (hence Sim City or Mass Effect 3). Most series picked up by EA will have the same game released every year with minor tweaks. They tend to go with the safe option for everything and design a game to be applicable to everyone.
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  • PadieuPadieu Member Posts: 40

    Oh.... yeah they might have a problem on pr... so why don't they hire new one? ahaha

    Anyway goodluck to EA then :) 


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