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Fallen Earth: New Exclusive Interview

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Richard Duffek with the aid of many MMORPG.com community members, recently got a chance to ask Christophe Watkins - the Vice President of Icarus Studios a few questions about Fallen Earth.  This feature also includes 3 exclusive screen shots!  A preview is below:

What's the word on community? I.E. when are we getting an official forum and when will the development team be communicating more actively with its followers?

It has been our strategy and desire from day one to show, then to talk.

We have self funded this company and game, and we spend money very cautiously. All of our money until now has been spent where it matters, the game and the underlying technology and tools.

We release information when we know 100% if and how any particular feature or element will be in the game. Opening forums too early only amounts to increased hype, saying things you might not be able to implement, etc... all of which can lead to frustration later on.

The bottom line is: we are EAGER to communicate more with our fans, believe me, but we feel we don't deserve your time and attention until we have something to put in your hands and play with. We're picky and we want to do it "right" and not rush the game launch. There are so many games to choose from these days, we want to make sure we meet the high expectations of our fans and deliver what they've been waiting for, a killer game. Simply put we want to take the best strategy and action of Shooters, and the rich story depth and character development of RPGs, and put them all in a massive zoneless world with a beautiful ecosystem.

To read the full interview, click here.

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  • AthonAthon Member Posts: 92

    More delicious news for my current number 1 contender for the Neocron killer title. It's so refreshing to see some devleopers going back to the old "we'll show you it when it's ready, and not before" way. I'm tired of over-hyped games that fail to live up to expectations.

    Especially in the current climate of over-information on not-ready games, this method gives a real air of expectation. Very nice to see them listening to their potential customers regarding feedback from what they have released so far.

    The omens are good for this game.

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  • GrimCreepGrimCreep Member Posts: 121

    MMOG's everywhere are gonna be blown outta the water as soon as this ship sets sail. Icarus studios is gonna show em what its all about. Good luck with Fallen Earth guys, I can't wait.image

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