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Has playing MMORPGs had an effect on your real life personality?

Hello! I'm currently writing a research paper on how MMORPGs can have an effect on one's real life personality, either in a negative or positive fashion. Do you have an example of this? Have they helped you to be more outgoing and maybe overcome shyness over time? Or maybe they've caused you to become more recluse and you've withdrawn more from your social roles? If any of this sounds familiar, or you have a different example, please comment or send me a PM with your story! Please include whether or not you'd be okay with me citing your story within my paper, and whether or not you'd like it to be anonymous, as well as your MMO of choice.

(If this is the wrong forum for this, I apologize)

Thanks so much,


  • PadieuPadieu Member Posts: 40

    Usually when you play online games it does affect your personal life also, for example some are shy in real life but in the game they get to be sociable , you know why? sometimes in the virtual world they could build their own personality and popularity when they are popular because they are good in the game they became sociable.  So they are much comfortable in the virtual world compare to the real world that sometimes they are nobody. 


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