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Population and subscription question.

LudwixLudwix Member UncommonPosts: 73

Hi, i just started playing wakfu and i REALLY liked it. After I joined nation I just found out i can do nothing as a F2P player, really nothing. The subscription isnt too expensive, it s like 6 euros / a month. Here is the question is it worth subscribing? And here I mean, how is the population of the game, are many peeps playing it / paying for it? Or it s just that f2p areas are packed and areas where u ve got to pay to play are empty?


Thx for answers.

Sorry for my eanglish.


  • LudwixLudwix Member UncommonPosts: 73
    I know I probably shouldnt bump my own post but... anyone?

    Sorry for my eanglish.

  • DraronDraron Member Posts: 993
    Hey, sorry to say but the lack of responses will tell you about the games population. I subbed up for a three month package and regretted it after the first month and "newness" of the interesting features wore off. Hunting criminals and such isn't worth much when there's no one playing.
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