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Decent Guild

StickywildkurtStickywildkurt Member Posts: 1

Hi, I'm looking for people who are interested in being in a guild that has people who are willing to help, have good attitudes, and doesn't go in for the drama of being trolls in the guild. I would like to find some people who aren't in the drug seen, who don't talk like complete perverts, who drink responsibly, and basically wouldn't be the type trying to be lewd and crude on trade chat. 

I currently have two guilds, one Alliance (Multiplicity) and one Horde (Duplicity) on Lightninghoof US server. I set these guilds up to be my own personal guilds but would like to have more members to hang out with as I find grinding gear for transmorg stuff and doing something silly like "Maiden Tag" in Karazan to be a lot of fun. I like to play seriously myself, but like keeping things light in raids. I got a lot of patience with new players and people who are new to raids and encounters. I spend a lot of time on the alliance side, but like to play the horde side because it's a bit different playing the game from their perspective. 

I like raids, dungeons and battlegrounds, but none of that stuff matters unless you can find people you enjoy being around to do these things with. It would be fun to post pictures of raids and any other cool stuff the guilds do on a web site. I wanna do in game rewards so people who gain ten levels gets gold or a mount. I wanna get some officers who don't mind pooling resources to make epic items for rewards. Contests are always fun like who survives the longest playing maiden tag. Raiding a horde city just to dance in the middle wearing Christmas costumes. Silly crazy fun stuff.

If your interested, send me a tell in game.


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