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Local Chat Only, Please

spankybusspankybus Member UncommonPosts: 1,367

Just random thought, but I just realized on of hte reasons that I really liked Ultima Online. No General Chat. I could talk to people right next to me....and yell at people a bit further away.


I think it really added to the sense of scale f the world. To get from Vesper to Trinsic took like 45 minutes. It was a dangerous road. There could be Reds and no one could hear me scream lol It FELT far away. Travel in the woods seemed isolated and dangerous. 


If I needed something in a town far away, it was a big deal to get there. I kind of miss this element of MMORPG games. Now I have to read crap from juvenile pricks in another city...I can ask someone if the price is better where they are at...like the real world, convenience has taken over. 


Just out of curiousity, How many people would enjoy a game with Local chat only (say and yell)? Not even guild chat. If you wanna see what teh guild is doing, you need to go to the guild house. I bet guildmembers start really using their house for something beyond just a giant storage box.


Sure I am in the minority lol, but thoughts?

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  • waynejr2waynejr2 Member EpicPosts: 7,768

    I don't see a great reason for it. Let there be multiple chat panels including custom channels and let people do what they want. 

    Additionally, chat bubbles would be nice for the role players and that would be very local.


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  • SentnlSentnl Member Posts: 73

    Yep, I enjoyed games where i didn't know what was going on in the next town.

    SWG was great, I liked how pvp went super guerilla, and you had to hope that your enemies werent in the next town, otherwise you would have to scramble and bail out in another direction and get murdered by squalls :(

    +1 for local chat

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  • nariusseldonnariusseldon Member EpicPosts: 27,775

    nah .. that limit the all mighty "community".

    If i cannot chat with anyone whenever i want, how can i build a "community"?

    In fact, global chat is not enough. I prefer cross-server, and even cross game chat (like battle.net, if you play WOW, you can chat with friends who is playing D3).


  • DavisFlightDavisFlight Member CommonPosts: 2,556
    Agreed. And Narius disagrees, so it must mean you're right.
  • IchmenIchmen Member UncommonPosts: 1,228

    they have that in salem. yet people continue to bitch and moan about it. because it denys them the ability to spam chat for 9hrs while they are trying to sell the ultimate gstring of 3000lb fatmanness...


    i on the other hand actually like the lack of world chat cause i dont enjoy reading chat from 12yrs who like to talk about how pro they are when they arent :/ its really annoying. more so if a game puts a flash on the chats for new msgs... ><"

  • jazz.bejazz.be Member UncommonPosts: 941

    It would only work if the game requires you to group up.

    If you can go out and solo, chances are you will, and you will feel lonely very fast. This won't work for me.

    If you can't solo, you'll need friends, and for that you'll need to go to towns. This works out for me.

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