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PvP based MMO

NissoNisso Member UncommonPosts: 9


I had a brake from mmos for about year and Im thinking of starting playing one agein, but have no idea which should I pick...I have played Aion from beta til+/- 2.0 and loved pvp there so Im looking something alike (or should I start Aion agein? dose it have same world pvp/core sieges like in old days?)

So Im looking for PTP/FTP (hate cash shops) MMO,with cool graphics, awesome PvP / large scale fights, not to grindy PvE and which a good population ( popular ).


Thanks for your answers =)


  • BarbarbarBarbarbar Member UncommonPosts: 271
    Guildwars 2 has the best pvp atm I would say. The World vs World is pretty good. At least if you like pvp MMOs, you shouldn't not have experienced this.
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