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need some advice on hardware

slygamer1979slygamer1979 Member UncommonPosts: 101

what started this was my computer basicly crashed the other day and wouldn't load windows and before this i was having problems with the cd drive not reading discs so i took it to geeksquad and they tinkered around with it and basicly told me my hard drive is bad so had to buy a new TB HDD i wasn't happy about this trying to save money and all for my new computer. 

i took the HDD home installed it myself loaded up windows and had it working for awhile but noticed when i reboot it would have this rapid beeping afew times it did this so finally the last time this evening i just turned it off then.

i opened my case because of a beeping and i figured check the ram first so i unlocked two and relocked them but noticed they are still loose. so i pulled them each out and replaced them and relocked them and still loose and i checked every inch of the ram sticks and nothing is broke,missing,dirty. i was thinking of trying to run the pc with two sticks because each stick is 4gb of ram anyway so i have 8gb ram as is with two sticks and when i turn it on it still beeps. 

this is already existing memory sticks that have been in it for awhile so its not that i'm putting new ones in however these are barely a year old so before anyone says buy new ram this is slightly new i bought all four sticks at the same time.




  • QuizzicalQuizzical Member LegendaryPosts: 22,079
    The precise beeps may tell you what is wrong.  As in, two beeps means something different from three beeps.  Do a Google search for beep codes and see if anything matches the precise beeping pattern that you're hear.
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