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Error Code 16/Email Validation Failure

I enjoyed the game until my toons got to level 16.  Then I was required to validate my email address, but the page provided would not allow me to enter my email address.  My toons were frozen and I'll be damned if I reroll and only play toons to level 16.  Its a "game killer" for me.


  • PhryPhry Member LegendaryPosts: 11,004
    apparently people have been using dodgy email addresses in order to create multiple accounts, so when they are unable to verify, they get locked out, easiest way to avoid this, is just to use a verifyable email address that you actually own, end of problem.. of course if you don't have access to it.. kind of surprised anyone would admit to actually falling foul of that particular thing though.image
  • madroncainmadroncain Member Posts: 6
    The email addy that I used is legit.  It would prolly be the easiest if they just sent me a link to my email that I could click on to validate.  Its not a new idea.  Either way I get a "LOGIN FAILED" error entering either, my email addy or user account name.  Lame.
  • BleakmageBleakmage Member UncommonPosts: 181
    Have you tried 'everything?' Whatever that is.
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